Our workflows incorporate software from leading international vendors. For more information on any of the solutions listed below please contact our friendly staff.

Publishing & Editorial

Creative Folks has many years experience with editorial workflows initially derived from the Quark Publishing System (QPS) and more recently from WoodWing's integration with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS), Adobe InDesign & InCopy products. We were the first to perform an installation of WoodWing's state-of‐the‐art publishing platform, Smart Connection Enterprise, in Australia and we have since introduced this workflow to many other news and magazine titles across this country and New Zealand. Our Publishing and Editorial solutions include the WoodWing 'Smart' range of products, Adobe InDesign and InCopy for the users, Adobe InDesign Server in the backend, Adobe DPS for tablet devices, dataplan JournalSuite to perform the functions of edition planning, elvis to handle the image management and archiving and several other plugins for preflight and PDF checking, including Axaio Made-to-Print and PitStop Server. 


WoodWing Overview

WoodWing Enterprise Features & Technology

Enterprise 9 Top New Features

WoodWing Content Station

Digital Magazine Creation for Tablet Devices

dataplan JournalSuite

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite & InDesign Server

axaio MadeToPrint

PitStop Server

WoodWing Smart Plug-ins



Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is evolving rapidly and represents both major opportunities and potential pitfalls for many industries. Simply stated, DAM (sometimes referred to as "Media Asset Management" or "Content Management") is the systematic cataloging and management of digital rich media: text, images, video and audio, so that they can be reused and/or repurposed at a later time. If you have spent time and money creating or acquiring something then that item is an asset of your organisation. 

DAM, ECM, Metadata, MAM and BAM are just some of the terms and buzzwords you will come across when you start researching how to manage your digital media efficiently. Creative Folks have been providing cost effective DAM solutions since 1992 and we know how to avoid the potential pitfalls. DAM technology is still a burgeoning concept in Australia and Creative Folks are at the forefront of its development & integration. For more information on Digital Asset Management please click on the links below or contact one of our representatives for a demonstration.

Digital Asset Management 101


ElvisDAM Trial

Elvis 5 - Digital Assest Management

Canto Cumulus

Whats New in Cumulus 9.0?



Software Subscriptions

Upgrading and maintaining your software licenses across your employees is a costly and time consuming tasks. You need to keep up to date with the lastet developments and tools so that you can always remain at the forefront of your business and keep your network secure.
Software Subscription allows for the 'rental' of software for a flexible period of time with the initial capital expenditure being replaced by a monthly or annual operational cost.

The Benefits of Software Subscriptions include:

1.) No more large upfront investments or upgrade capex expenditure approvals needed.

2.) A simple yet cost-effective alternative to new software license purchasing. In some cases the subscription license is a safe way to try out the software within a production environment for a certain period of time.

3.) Software upgrades are included so you always have the latest tools and capabilities.

4.) Customers can manage and add users as required. This is especially handy as staff and projects change and your business grows.

5.) License Compliance is maintained centrally so lower admin costs.

Currently we offer the Software Subscriptions on Adobe (Creative Cloud - Indiviual, Teams and Enterprise), Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, WoodWing Enterprise & ElvisDAM, Microsoft SPLA, Trend Micro Worry-Free Business products.

Adobe Creative Cloud

WoodWing Smart Software Subscription



Catalogue Production

Ideal for time-critical publications, EasyCatalog can dramatically speed up page make-up time and ensure your documents remain error free. Trusted by thousands of users in over thirty countries across six continents, EasyCatalog has quickly established itself as one of the most powerful and flexible database publishing solutions for Adobe InDesign.
The source of your data can be something as simple as a file or, via an optional module, an ODBC database or XML file. If you've invested time and money developing a database, why not utilize it to the fullest extent by producing your print catalogs directly from it?
It's not just catalogs EasyCatalog can produce - brochures, price lists, or directories can all be effortlessly generated.
EasyCatalog also offers powerful ways to get your data onto the document - templates can be designed that specify how a record should appear when it is placed on the page. Store these templates in a library and complex pages can be constructed in seconds, containing live data, simply by dragging and dropping.




Font Management

Millions of design and printing professionals use desktop font management; it’s an essential part of their workflow. These users are responsible for the public face of the corporation. Wherever they are situated in the enterprise, these users are voracious consumers of fonts, and it is not uncommon to find thousands of fonts in active use on any given workstation. Any IT Manager who supports a font-intensive workflow such as those utilised by design, printing, and publishing teams, knows how time-consuming font problems can be. Helpdesk tickets related to font issues are a regular occurrence.
But enterprise font management is about more than helpdesk tickets and frustrated ‘creative types’; it is also about compliance. Although some IT managers don’t realize it fonts, like other digital assets, are licensed property. And because of this, it is vital for organizations to centralize, track and control their font usage.
The benefits of a centralized (as opposed to workstation-specific) font management solution include legal license compliance, simplified license management, improved IT efficiencies, document design consistency, and reduced production downtime and overall cost savings.

Universal Type Server

Suitcase Fusion



Pre-Press & Creative

Creative Folks have been providing time-saving PDF workflows from products such as Helios UB, Enfocus PitStop & Switch, Axaio MadetoPrint and Adobe InDesign Server for over a decade. For our creative clients we have the complete Adobe suite of products as well as, Apple professional software, the WoodWing range of 'Smart' plugins and many other third party applications.


Helios UB2

PitStop Pro

WoodWing Smart Plug-ins

Switch 11 Smart automation



Case Studies & Press Releases

Please find below all our latest Case Studies and Press Releases. If you have any queries regarding any of the content contained here please email

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