Can your business afford to lose $56,231* in 2017?
Did you know...

Ransomware is a growing cyber threat affecting thousands of Australian small businesses every day, with attacks increasing 5-fold in 2016.
Traditional virus scans and other common security measures are not enough when it comes to protecting your business.
3 in 4 cyber-attacks on small businesses go unreported, so you’re not getting the full story on how many Australian small businesses are falling victim to this “hidden epidemic”.
Small businesses are losing hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, and these losses are rising fast. A 50-person company could expect to lose around A$56,000 from a single ransomware attack.

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Could you be next?

How protected is your business? If you think crossing your fingers and hoping it never happens is enough, then you may be at risk…

Nobody believes it will happen to them. But when it does, it can cost tens of thousands of dollars in lost productivity. Then there’s the damage to your reputation of your clients’ private information potentially falling into the wrong hands.

Just being “in the cloud” and having virus software is not enough to protect your business from this growing threat.

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* Based on 50-person business, 2 days downtime @ $50/hour in lost productivity, plus average ransom amount of A$16,231.