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Creative Folks delivers the prescription for Wizard Pharmacy with an integrated Product Content Management transformation

Through the automation and data mapping utilising WoodWing Assets Digital Asset Management platform, Creative Folk’s own unique low-cost SiPHON integration platform, and content management expertise, Wizard Pharmacy achieved the holy grail of benefits in today’s challenging global environment - doing more with less.

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Product Management Transformation

Wizard Pharmacy saved the time (and salaries) of two additional full-time staff, accelerated time to market and increased member transaction value by 46% through a process transformation to implement a Product Content Management (PCM) solution with Creative Folks via their unique Integrations as a Service offering using the powerful SiPHON integration platform.

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Our pharmacies needed to differentiate. We needed to leverage their strengths and allow our pharmacists to spend more time with customers and patients. We also wanted to translate everything that we had on the shelf into our online pharmacy.

Sally Parker - COO, Wizard Pharmacy

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Case Study Contents

1. Introducing Wizard Pharmacy

Wizard Pharmacy, a successful Aussie business reliant on 40 brick and mortar stores.

2. The Situation

Wizard needed technology expertise to bring their products efficiently into the modern digital world.

3. Enter Creative Folks

A leading Aussie tech company with over two decades content and integration tech expertise.

4. Clear Vision

Speed up their time to market, and transform Wizard into a digital powerhouse

5. The Process

To achieve Wizard’s vision, a four-step process was developed and implemented with:

6. The Outcomes

  • Wizard saved the time (and salaries) of two additional full-time staff

  • Time to market has been slashed with automation

  • New ability to leverage CRM data to deliver personalised, targeted digital communications

  • A +46% increase in average transaction value from members 

7. What’s Next

“There’s definitely a realisation that we can actually expand the scope and do other things with SiPHON and Creative Folks”

Sally Parker,
COO, Wizard Pharmacy

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