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Introducing NetX Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions, designed to optimise your content management needs with a blend of simplicity and power.


This robust platform enhances team efficiency through a suite of tools facilitating asset creation, seamless integrations with all your systems, and sophisticated metadata management. 

Ideally suited to industries such as fashion, education and GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums), NetX ensures your digital assets are well-organised, easily accessible, and secure, empowering your team to manage and share content effectively across your organisation.

In addition to the standard DAM features such as high-quality previews, sharing, and approvals, NetX DAM has some key benefits over other DAM platforms, including:

  • Enterprise-grade solution at a mid-tier price point.
  • Automate and manage AI-generated keyword tagging to improve search results
  • Control Asset access based on role and workflow status.
  • In-built and easily configured Portals for sharing with unlimited users.
  • Eliminate metadata reentry with automated look-ups for Collections Management Systems with Data Source Syncs.
  • Intelligent tools for in-built asset adjustment and conversion, including video and image repurposing.
  • On-premises, SaaS or Private Cloud, the choice is yours. 

Intuitive & Intelligent, Take your Content Management to the NetX level.


Easy-to-use Web Interface

Experience streamlined asset management with our user-friendly interface designed for efficiency and ease of use. Tailor the look and feel to your brand and style guide.


Seamlessly Integrate & streamline workflows.

Integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and data to automate and streamline workflows, enhance productivity, and eliminate data entry errors.


Collections Management

NetX complements managing collections, archives, and objects with built-in integrations to popular CMS tools like EMu, Re:discovery, and Museums Plus.


Produce Portals Fast

Quickly create customised portals allowing easy sharing and distribution of assets among teams and stakeholders.


Unleash Creativity

Empower your creative team with tools that facilitate collaboration and innovation, turning ideas into reality faster.


Sort, Search Tag and Categorise with Ease

Leverage advanced metadata capabilities to sort, search, tag, and categorise digital assets swiftly and accurately.

With NetX Powerful Features & Creative Folks Experienced End-to-End Support will deliver the content capabilities your team deserves.


Discovery Consultations

With over two decades of digital asset and content management experience, Creative Folks will focus on your unique requirements and propose the right solution to meet them.

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We will design your solution and customise the configuration to enable the right features for your specialised workflows. We will also equip your team with the training to maximise your solution's ongoing benefits.


Customer Success

No DAM implementation is set, and forget. We work with you to develop an ongoing plan to ensure continuous improvement and include regularly scheduled check-ins from your dedicated Technical Lead Consultant as part of our proactive managed support agreements..


Integrate & Innovate

As experts in integration solutions, Creative Folks can seamlessly connect your NetX DAM solution with your existing systems and data to further streamline operations and bolster efficiency and accuracy across your organisation.

Make NetX the heart of your content operations

Integrate Everything You Need

NetX will transform the way you create and deliver your content. 

But you don’t need to take our word for it; NetX customers are proving it daily.

Ready to transform the way your organisation manages its content? Why not give NetX a try with a complimentary trial?

Speak with the NetXperts at Creative Folks to see where NetX effectively fits into your business.