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We deliver and manage fast, low-cost data connectivity with guaranteed uptime and performance

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From simple point-to-point connections to platforms with multiple data flows and functions, our expert team will design, build, deploy and maintain a high-performing integration solution.

“Connect your business systems to meet customer expectations and grow revenue”

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Don’t want to pay big license fees for an integration platform but need the scale and performance? Then you need a ready-to-go platform powered by AWS Serverless technologies. SiPHON has your answers here.

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Do you want to connect modern cloud applications to legacy systems, perform complex data migrations or enhance business automation? You need advanced skills and the experience to match?

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A three-step solution

01 Define your
business logic

First, we undertake a discovery process to understand your business in and out and what end state you’re trying to achieve. We do this by:

  • meeting with all stakeholders – both technology and business;
  • documenting the challenges you’re trying to overcome;
  • understanding your feature requirements, including AI and automations;
  • capturing the risks, potential blockers and competing business priorities; and
  • studying your technology stack, tools in use, workflows and people.
We then map the data flows, define the integration logic and recommend the products we believe will produce the outcomes you’re after.

02Build a proof
of concept

A proof of concept (POC) will demonstrate how our proposed solution works and whether it meets your requirements. The process allows Creative Folks to determine:

  • how we access data from your existing systems;
  • whether legacy data structures need to be changed to facilitate data flows;
  • the limitations of both the existing technology and the solution; and
  • the pitfalls and traps that await us in the production environment.

03Deploy to production
and manage

With the POC approved we work with your technology team and the wider business to plan and schedule the implementation of the solution into the production environment. Our deployment services include:

  • a low-risk pilot program to assess the solution’s performance and effectiveness in production;
  • supporting and working with change management teams; and
  • documentation, knowledge transfer and any required training.
Post-deployment we manage the service, provide support and undertake continuous improvement activities to deliver ongoing performance and extensibility improvements.

And this is what you get...

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A solution that delivers business value

Combining our integrations expertise with the latest and most-proven technology we deliver a reliable and high-performing managed service.

With experience in developing and managing integrations using Mulesoft, Jitterbit, Azure Logic Apps and AWS serverless technologies, in addition to XML and XSLT transformations, Node.js and building connections to AI services like Clarifai, we have the knowledge and skill to streamline business processes and deliver value.

We also offer our own integration platform, SiPHON, built on AWS serverless technology.

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Maintenance and guaranteed uptime

Data flows, uptime, performance – we take care of everything. Whether it’s a simple point-to-point connection between two legacy systems or an integration platform with multiple data flows across several systems and functions, we manage the solution so you don’t have to.

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A support model with defined SLAs

Depending on your support plan we offer:

  • monitoring and remediation of all connections and data flows
  • email and phone support;
  • updates to business logic;
  • guaranteed uptime; and
  • a named customer success manager.
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A commitment to continuous improvement

Creative Folks’ mission is to constantly find ways to reduce complexity and simplify our customers’ business processes. That’s why we commit to continuously improving our IaaS offering – whether it’s by harnessing the power of new technologies to improve the effectiveness and performance of our integrations or working with you via strategy sessions to ensure our solution evolves with your business.

Creative Folks delivers automation
and system integration

Explore how Creative Folks enabled Wizard Pharmacy
to save the time (and salaries) of two additional fulltime
staff and sped up their time to market through
our unique, low-cost Integrations as a Service offering,
Woodwing Assets DAM and SiPHON platform.

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Get started today with a proof of concept for as low $15,000


  • 2 Connectors
  • 4 Flows
  • 8 Hours Email Support
  • Optional Phone Support
  • Business Hours Monitoring and remediation support level
  • 99.5% Guaranteed up-time
  • Optional Updates to business logic included
  • Optional Named customer success manager
  • AUD $15,000 One-off onboarding fee
  • AUD $800 Monthly fee
  • AUD $750 High volume overhead (optional)*
  • POA High-complexity integration**


  • 3 Connectors
  • 8 Flows
  • 4 Hours Email Support
  • Phone Support
  • Business Hours Monitoring and
    remediation support
  • 99.9% Guaranteed up-time
  • Optional Updates to business logic included
  • Optional Named customer success manager
  • AUD $25,000 One-off onboarding fee
  • AUD $1,900 Monthly fee
  • AUD $1,100 High volume overhead (optional)*
  • POA High-complexity integration**


  • 8 Connectors
  • 20 Flows
  • 1 Hours Email Support
  • Phone Support
  • 27 x 7 Monitoring and remediation support level
  • 99.9% Guaranteed up-time
  • Updates to business logic included
  • Named customer success manager
  • POA One-off onboarding fee
  • POA Monthly fee
  • POA High volume overhead (optional)*
  • POA High-complexity integration**

* High Volume overhead applies if throughput extends beyond the allowances specified below :

  • Basic:  > 300,000 transactions/month
  • Standard:  > 1,000,000 transactions/month
  • Pro:  > 5,000,000 transactions/mon

** Some integrations may require additional discovery and analysis during onboarding. In such circumstances we will notify the client and provide cost estimates accordingly.

Additional SiPHON connectors are available for each Tier at a  cost of $300 each per month.
Additional Flows are available for each Tier at a  cost of $150 each per month.

All pricing stated is in AUD$ and Exclusive of GST at 10%, which will be added to all Australian Registered Businesses at the time of invoice.

Deliver a robust solution – on
time, on budget and on target
– with Creative Folks’ project
delivery services.

Trust our consultants to manage
the technical components of
your change project while you
focus on business outcomes and ensuring ROI.


These companies delivered on content transformation using our project delivery services

  • harrier
  • wizard
  • bauer
  • awi
  • electrical
  • sevenewst-media
  • studio-mondo
  • woodwing

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