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Missing out on the ROI potential of content management?

ROI has never been more important and in 2022 we all are feeling the need to achieve more with less in every capacity of our lives.

When it comes to your content and products, Sitecore Content Hub and Creative Folks, Australia’s Sitecore Content Hub specialists, have you covered. Our guide, 21 Reasons why you need Content Hub in 2022, covers all the ways a Creative Folks Content Hub solution can benefit you and deliver an ROI today.



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Did you know companies that invest in personalisation functionality for content see
conversions increase 10% - 30%

Slash IT costs
by up to 50%
through Content Hub streamlining infrastructure and processes

Creative Folks - Australia’s Sitecore
Content Hub Experts

Creative Folks is uniquely positioned to guide organisations with discovery, planning and implementation using our proven framework,
and 20+ years of experience in delivering successful digital asset and content management solutions.

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Creative Folks is a
certified Australian
Content Hub Specialist

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Managing your content holistically is more important than ever.

The modern organisation has content everywhere.

We live in an era of digital transformation. Anything that can be digitised will be digitised. As a result, effective content management has turned from a ‘nice-to-have’, into a ‘must have’ as the number of digital assets needed to compete in the online marketplace explodes.

Creating, managing and using the numerous types of content an organisation needs today can frequently lead to operational and quality inefficiencies and put your organisation at risk of a content crisis.

Utilising a DAM in modern times can now be seen as an essential component of any modern content management. But to avoid a content crisis in unprecedented times, you now need to be able to do more with less, and as efficiently as possible. Therefore the content platform that supports your many channels of customer engagement needs to do a lot more than just store assets. It needs to have integrated planning and resource management, content marketing tools and workflows as well as integrated data and automated distribution to multiple customer facing platforms.

Creative Folks and Sitecore provide a complete Content Hub solution to cater to this with streamlined omnichannel content management that is integrated and incorporated into your other systems.

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Content Crisis today

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Omnichannel Optimisation for Enterprise

We are frequently conditioned to believe what content is. While items such as brochures, images, videos, catalogues and webpages are considered content assets, it is the components that make up these assets that unlock an omnichannel experience and content platform.

In an authentic omnichannel environment, things like product data, ecommerce shopping carts, copy, email content and blogs to name a few are what matters when delivering a content management solution.

To harness the automation, CX and personalisation enhancements that allow you to do more with less, you need more than a DAM, as Creative Folks director Andrew Lomas explores in this blog.

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Take control of your content lifecycle with a
complementary capabilities assessment.

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Build your way toward a complete Content Hub solution.

Own the entire content planning, creation, management and delivery lifecycle across all channels.

Each module delivers its own unique functionality and values and can allow you to transition one-by-one rather than pursue an immediate complete transformation.

However, in order to receive the benefits from delivering a full omnichannel experience, all the Content Hub ingredients are needed.

By understanding what each module delivers, a clear path towards a complete content management transformation can be outlined with Creative Folks.

Learn more about how Content hub effectively powers the enterprise.

During this assessment, our experts will ask:

What content assets are you working with?
What content problems are you trying to solve?
What channels and platforms are you needing to deliver content to?
What are the blockers and frustrations in your current workflow?
How can a Content Hub help you solve these problems?
How integration to up and down stream systems create efficiency in content creation?

Transform the way you view, manage and collaborate with content.

Take control of your content lifecycle with a complementary capabilities assessment.