The answer to all your digital asset ailments


Disorganised digital assets

Simplify the storage, organisation, and retrieval of assets, guaranteeing teams quick access to the essential content without the routine content hide-and-seek games.


Collaborative confusion

Effortlessly collaborate and distribute your centralised assets from anywhere at any time, reducing the reliance on lengthy stop-start exchanges.


Tedious manual tasks

Eliminate tedious content housekeeping and manual sharing of digital projects with automated workflows and AI-driven meta-tagging. Free up time to focus on creative ideas and output. 


Disconnected content

Streamline content delivery to all your business applications. Whether it’s PIM, websites, eCommerce or CRM, automate image optimisation and dynamically update your systems using robust webhooks and APIs.

Unlock the benefits and accelerate progress

Centralise, safeguard and optimise your digital content effortlessly with WoodWing Assets. With the experienced team at Creative Folks, Australian experts and proud platinum partner of WoodWing, you can confidently get the most out of this powerful content tool while streamlining your digital asset workflows for optimised efficiency.


With WoodWing Assets, consolidate your digital assets coherently in one unified location. This provides a structured approach to organising, accessing, and distributing assets, ensuring seamless collaboration between teams and platforms.


WoodWing Assets is engineered to enhance collaborative efforts. Its features empower team members to work synchronously on digital assets, streamlining workflows and consequently reducing project turnaround times.

Benefiting from the robust global partner network, WoodWing Assets allows businesses to design customised workflows that automate routine tasks. This not only saves invaluable time but also ensures accuracy, eliminating common errors.

Adapt WoodWing Assets to align with your specific business needs. By tailoring metadata fields, businesses can facilitate a more precise and expedited search and retrieval process for their digital assets.

Recognising the constraints faced by in-house IT departments, Creative Folks recommends the WoodWing Cloud solution. Shift the responsibility of hosting, maintenance, and security to us, ensuring your software needs are promptly addressed without compromising on quality or security.

Security is paramount. WoodWing Assets introduces role-based access controls, enabling businesses to define who can view or modify particular assets meticulously. This greatly reduces the risk of unsolicited access or unintentional deletions.

WoodWing Assets integrates with a broad range of third-party apps, such as Adobe Creative Cloud, making managing assets across multiple platforms and workflows easier. Combine with WoodWing Studio to add efficient workflows and multichannel publishing capabilities.

Seamless Connect your systems & WoodWing with our Integrations Expertise

Expertise in seamless integration

WoodWing Assets' has a robust set of APIs that provide seamless integration to popular applications like, Wrike, Salesforce and Microsoft Excel, as well as a number of AI tools. 

Creative Folks' provides prebuilt integrations to Monday & Wrike we call SiPHON Connect to accelerate your adoption, as well as a full design and deploy service called Integrations as a Service, enabling fast deployment and custom rules that suit your business objectives.


Explore how SiPHON Platform can seamlessly transform your content operations.

Brands that rely on Creative Folks & WoodWing Assets every day


How WoodWing Assets saved Wizard Pharmacy time and money

Want to see first-hand the power of WoodWing assets when deployed and integrated by the expert hands of Creative Folks? 

Explore how Wizard Pharmacy saved the time (and salaries) of two additional full-time staff, accelerated time to market, and increased member transaction value by 46% through automation and data mapping utilising WoodWing Assets integrated with Salesforce and Drupal by utilising the innovative low-cost SiPHON integration platform, and our content management and integration services expertise.


Need some help with your digital asset management?

Discuss your challenges with one of our experts

Book a session with one of our experts to analyse your current content situation and how Creative Folks can help resolve your challenges.

This 20-minute assessment will cover:

  • What digital assets are you working with?
  • What asset problems are you trying to solve?
  • How to optimise and automate your current processes
  • Advise on integrations and what you need to achieve your goals.

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