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Harrier National

Learn how Creative Folks helped Harrier improve their competitive presence by conducting an entire business systems environment upgrade that resulted in...

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Yaffa Media

Yaffa Media leverages WoodWing´s multi-channel publishing system Enterprise and WoodWing´s digital asset management solution Elvis DAM to maximize the...

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Bauer Media

With over 80 magazine titles, Bauer selected WoodWing’s multi-channel publishing system Enterprise for their publishing & print workflows.

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Digital Graphic Communications

I have been a customer for over 9 years now. In that time there has never been an issue too small or too complicated that Creative Folks have not been able to...

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Audio Network

Always available, helpful, adaptable, cost effective, and passionate, Creative Folks have become an integral part of our developing business in Australia.

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Yaffa Publishing rolls out WoodWing

One of the oldest family-owned publishers in Australia has begun using WoodWing’s Enterprise content publishing platform…

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Aspermont Limited

“We recognized the need to streamline our production facilities and so we began our research into a suitable editorial system”