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Creative Folks are specialists in Digital Asset Management

A Digital Asset Management system (DAM) is a discipline to organise, categorise, search, retrieve and archive files such as images, documents, creative files, audio and video clips. A file becomes an asset as a DAM adds value to files by adding metadata to describe its content and usage rights and adds rules which governs the availability and delivery of those assets to people who need to consume them.

These assets then have intrinsic value to an organisation, which can be better managed, measured and capitalised.


A DAM at its heart does two things:


Provides a central area of organised structure to create a single source of truth for content, which drives efficiency by reducing the time spent to find and distribute files.


The second is cost saving and ROI benefits by removing costs associated with recreating files and duplicated storage as well as reducing risk with copyright and usage rights and brand consistency.

Productivity increases and brand integrity is maintained by having DAM at the core of your technology stack and through integration with design tools and digital asset management solutions, business systems - CRM, ERP, PIM, Marketing Experience, Content Hub and ecommerce platforms and processes - from creation and collaboration through to distribution and consumption you can create a digital asset supply chain for assets and content across the business functions.

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Digital Asset Management a digital asset supply
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A DAM reduces waste, improves
employee productivity and drives
increased customer engagement.


Assets are requested or delivered to other business systems based on user interaction or via business rules