Tackle your content challenges and bolster ROI with Content Hub

To put it bluntly, most organisations are a content crisis waiting to happen and there has never been a more crucial time to focus on effective content management and efficient processes. Doing
more, with less and organisational ROI’s have never been more in focus.
Fortunately, Sitecore Content Hub and Creative Folks, Australia’s Sitecore Content Hub specialists, have created ‘21 Reasons why you need Content Hub in 2022’, which covers all the ways Content Hub can benefit you and deliver an ROI today.



Sitecore Content Hub - The key to achieving more with less

If your organisation is suffering some the following symptoms tackled in the guide, a chat with the experienced Creative Folks team may be in order.

Symptoms of a Content Crisis Include:

  • Content Hunting
  • Brand Inconsistency
  • Collaborative Troubles
  • Leaks and Compliance Concerns
  • More work with less staff

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21 Reasons why you need
Content Hub in 2022