The DAM solution you need for cost-effective content control


Accelerate time-to-market

Swivle optimises your content operations by streamlining processes and enhancing your collaboration capabilities. 


Bolster brand consistency

Eliminate duplicate files spread across locations. Centralise your content with Swivle to ensure brand uniformity and consistency.


Stop the searching

Make tedious searches for digital resources a thing of the past. Save time and money utilising AI-powered searches that boost productivity and creative output.


Master multi-brand management

Swivle offers unrivalled collaboration between staff, and external partners using its portal functionality. Share files through a secure site with personalised branding and URLs. 


Consolidate your cost

Swivle offers a feature-rich, low-cost DAM solution that is perfect for agencies. Eliminate the need to host duplicate files across various platforms for accessibility.

Allow your creative juices to flow with Swivle’s powerful features

Unleash creativity and collaboration while eliminating tedious content searches with the power of WoodWing Swivle. Centralise your assets, streamline your organisational flow, and spark collaboration like never before.


Cloud-Based Collaboration

Breeze through your assets with ease from anywhere at any time. WoodWing Swivel is the cloud-based solution you need to bring your team together, regardless of their location. Swivle brings the content to you!


Ingeniously Intuitive Interface

WoodWing Swivle's user-friendly interface allows easy navigation, drag-and-drop functionality and features customisable folders and metadata options to make it work just how you want it.


Share Content Securely

WoodWing Swivle makes sharing assets with clients and collaborators easy and secure through customisable permission levels and branded portals. Confidently collaborate on your projects without giving access to items you're not ready to share.


Automate to Liberate Your Creativity

Why get bogged down with tedious tasks? Let Swivle handle the mundane. From setting workflows to automatic metadata tagging, focus on what truly matters – your creativity.


File Version Freedom

You no longer need to search for content named finalversion123 or trawl your inbox for the most recent attachment. With Swivle, you're always in sync with the latest file versions, ensuring collaborative harmony.


Intelligent Integrations

Creative Folks don't just offer Swivle; we connect dots as Integration experts. Seamlessly integrate Swivle with favourites like Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, and Dropbox. With us, it's not just about managing assets; it's about optimising workflows, saving you time and money.


File Sharing Cloud Storage vs Swivle Cloud DAM
The key differences you need to know

Cloud storage has unquestionably changed how we store, share and collaborate online. It is a secure, simple means of accessing data from anywhere at any time. 

But when it comes to our content and the creative industries and marketing focussed departments of our organisations, simply storing files for easy access will no longer suffice.

Creative Folk’s and Woodwing have the perfect entry point for those needing more from their content than cloud storage is currently delivering - Woodwing cloud DAM Swivle.

Next-gen DAM integrations

Integrating DAM using iPaaS and more…

From the back-office benefits of automating previously repetitive manual processes to customer-facing innovation like atomic personalisation of content experiences. The days of DAM being standalone software - with limited functionality - are long gone.

But how exactly do you build software integrations between your Digital Asset Management system and other tech in your stack?

Want to try before you buy? Complimentary 14-Day Swivle Trial

WoodWing Swivle offers a centralised platform for all your digital assets, encompassing everything from high-resolution images to intricate videos and so much more. With Swivle, you can easily access and organise your files and collaborate efficiently, ensuring brand consistency across all assets.

Kickstart your journey to streamlined digital asset management with a complimentary 14-day trial of WoodWing Swivle today.


Great, but what’s the cost?

A successfully integrated and deployed DAM solution is a proven means of gaining collaborative efficiency and data asset security for any organisation managing content and data.

This is nothing new, DAM solutions have been widely regarded for years as a ‘nice to have’ but times have changed and an effective solution for your data asset management is now a ‘must-have’

Can you really afford to miss out on the ROI benefits of a Creative Folks and WoodWing Swivle solution?

Are you ready to get started?

Discuss your challenges with one of our experts

Know you need some help consolidating and collaborating with your content but are unsure where to start?

Book a session with our expert team to analyse your current content situation and how a DAM can help resolve your challenges.

In this 20 minute assessment, we will cover:

  • What digital assets are you working with?
  • What asset problems are you trying to solve?
  • How can a DAM help you solve these problems?
  • Who should have access to your DAM?
  • Should your DAM be in the cloud or managed on your own hardware?

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