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What is Systems Integration Solutions?

Systems Integration is the process of
connecting the systems and applications
across an organisation to deliver
efficiency, enhanced functionality,
omnichannel CX, and cost savings for the
recipient organisation.

Why Creative Folks?

Creative Folks have been delivering
effective scalable system integrations solutions
for Australian businesses for over
two decades. We even built our own
integrations platform in SiPHON and
offer a variety of Integrations solutions to
cater to your needs.

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Gain business insights for decision making

Leveraging integration throughout your organisation's systems and streamlining operational efforts produces a variety of benefits for each layer of your organisation.

One such benefit that is particularly vital to the leadership of any organisation is the availability and accessibility of accurate data-driven business insights for effective decision making.

Eliminating the need to guess or estimate the accuracy of your data from your organisation's decision making will streamline productivity. This will ensure staff and sites are equipped with the resources they need and forecast future speed bumps in your organisation's operations can be countered and alleviated without incident.

While accurate data-driven insights are crucial for predicting workforce, inventory and material needs across your facilities or office locations, eliminating silos through systems integrations also enable real-time collaboration across systems, apps and locations for your staff. Enhanced flexibility and content accessibility are a big win for everyone in the organisation and your customers needing fast support or services.

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Overcome my data management challenges

Systems that are effectively integrated across your organisation will provide longstanding value and additional functionalities and efficiency gains.

Customers’ expectations, and their spending dollars have pivoted digital faster than anyone likely anticipated pre-COVID and this trend is here to stay. Additionally, our staff and partners we collaborate with have now shifted to flexible and remote work capacities.

Some of the most common data challenges out there we tackle for our clients time and time again through integrations solutions are as follows:

Does This Sound Like Your Business?
If your organisation ticks any of these unfortunate boxes, Systems Integrations may hold the key.

  • Your data isn’t where it needs to be
  • Your data is there, but it’s late
  • Your data isn’t formatted correctly
  • You have poor quality data
  • There are duplicated files and tasks throughout your organisation
  • There is no clear common understanding of your data.

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Leveraging an effective Systems Integration solution across your business brings harmony to systems, applications, and users by streamlining processes and enabling data to be seamlessly shared across systems and apps.

The benefits of such an undertaking can be considerable:

  • Increased data and reporting accuracy
  • Reducing effort rekeying data
  • Mitigating the risk of human error
  • Increased business agility & collaboration
  • Enables flexible/remote work environments

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Get data from my products, systems, and content in sync

Systems integration is again at the core when it comes to products, promotion, and CX, ensuring you have the correct data and a streamlined process at delivering customers a great experience.

Having the correct product data available is critical for successful campaigns and growth for marketers and sales. Knowing what products are selling and what materials, products and staff are available at any time will empower your sales and marketing to grow your business through data-driven campaigns and promotions successfully. Unfortunately for most organisations, the data journey from product systems to the content and customer-facing sides of the business is a long and tedious process overwhelmed by error-laden manual tasks.

Using systems integration and leveraging our experience with APIs and microservices, Creative Folks can efficiently connect the data dots across your business, ensuring your data can freely and accurately be leveraged across your business, freeing you from time-costly data silos.


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Streamline processes across business systems

The processes, tasks, and the data that underpins them both is the lifeblood of any organisation. Ensuring the path from prospect, to a customer, to delivering timely quality service and support is commonly filled with gaps and oversights led by over-using manual processes along the way.

These gaps and oversights are the most common causes we find when it comes to organisations providing poor CX and customer service. Filling in these gaps is what systems integration is all about. Customer contact details, support tickets, stock availability all need to be streamlined when it comes to data and systems throughout your organisation to enable quality CX and a satisfied customer.

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Our Technical Director Michael Coorey delved further into this topic on this blog on Integrations as a Service and how it can assist you in streamlining your systems to do more with less.

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Case Studies in Integration

Before you kick off your very own systems integration journey, why not check out our case studies to explore what Creative Folks integrations project can and have achieved for their customers.

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Below are some of our clients who have benefited from connecting their systems, and streamlining their data and processes through Systems Integration:

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