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Connect your business systems to meet customer expectations and grow revenue

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Synchronise data, improve reliability, cut inefficiencies  

Your customers’ expectations have never been greater and their loyalty never lower. With your competitors just a click away they’ll switch in an instant if they’re not happy. How do you stop this?

You can better meet your customers’ needs, and cut operational costs, through systems integration. Systems integration consolidates data from multiple applications, providing you with a single source of truth for business information while also eradicating wasteful double-handling and inefficiencies.

Creative Folks led the overall architecture effort for our platform and assisted with the selection and implementation of our integration platform. They have a strong technical team backed by a solid process and governance framework and, most importantly, a level of care

Ed Leong, Chief Transformation Officer, Harrier National

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Do you want to connect modern cloud applications to legacy systems, perform complex data migrations or enhance business automation? You need advanced skills and the experience to match?

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Don’t want to pay big license fees for an integration platform but need the scale and performance? Then you need a ready-to-go platform powered by AWS Serverless technologies. SiPHON has your answers here.

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Need to integrate your business systems fast, but don't have the skills or know where to start.Our Integrations-as-a-Service provides an end to end solution to deliver quick outcomes at low cost.

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Why systems integration?

Creative Folks’ low-cost, low-risk integration solutions can help you grow your business by consolidating data and streamlining business processes.

Slash your costs

Reduce double-handling, over-processing and defects by connecting systems and seamlessly sharing data across applications.

Improve the customer experience

Create a single source of defragmented customer information by consolidating data from multiple systems, providing you with a complete and accurate picture of each customer and their behaviours.

Improve data accuracy

Bad data means bad business decisions. By integrating business systems you eliminate duplicate data, improve reliability and increase the accuracy of business decision-making.

Real-time visibility

While you’re waiting for data to be manually consolidated from multiple systems, you could be missing out on opportunities. With integrated systems you can make critical decisions based on accurate information in real time.

Remove blockers to creativity and ideas

Jump from ideation to prototype in days, not months. With all of your systems seamlessly connected, there are fewer time and cost blockers to innovation, which means you can more easily experiment with new products and services.

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Systems Integration

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Transform the way you manage content

We have helped over 50 organisation in Australia and New Zealand transform their management of content using workflow, automation and integration.

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Our clients have benefited from creating a single source of truth for their customer and business data