Creative Folks has been implementing successful projects for two decades. Leverage our expertise in technology delivery on your next project.

Our Services

With years of expertise in technological change projects, from enterprise-scale transformations to small-target deployments, we can help you manage the technical components of project delivery, leaving you free to focus on business outcomes.


Vendor and product selection

With two decades’ experience on both sides of the vendor-customer relationship, trust Creative Folks to work with your organisation to find the right vendors and products for your business. We can help you:

  • compile a shortlist of potential suppliers; 
  • manage the RFP request and assessment process;
  • and help build and test a proof of concept.

Technical facilitation

Developers, network engineers, systems analysts, technical support staff, multiple vendors – managing a technological project team can be complicated and time-consuming, especially if you’re not a technologist yourself. Creative Folks, as both technology experts and experienced project delivery professionals, can take care of these relationships, optimising effort and guiding you through to go-live.


Advice and expertise

As your project partner, Creative Folks offers more than high-level technical management services. Our experienced team of solution architects, engineers, developers and consultants can provide hands-on services and support, including:

  • Discovery Services 
  • preparing high-level solution designs;
  • business analysis and development;
  • writing and executing test cases; and
  • implementing and managing the pilot phase.

And this is what you get...


A professional solution

With Creative Folks’ services you can be sure that your technology project will meet its technical objectives and deliver a robust, effective, error-free solution that aligns to your organisation’s IT strategy. Our lead consultants will guide you through the requirements gathering and design phases, ensuring the solution is fit for purpose. 


Better business outcomes

With Creative Folks managing the technologists and ensuring deadlines are adhered to, you’re free to focus on business priorities: ensuring user buy-in, managing the change, organising training, and keeping the steering committee and stakeholders informed. This means you’re more likely to hit project targets and deliver on ROI.


Lower project and run costs

With Creative Folks guiding the project’s technical stream and making certain all resources work in concert, you can be confident in fewer errors, less double-handling, and better testing protocols. A more effective and productive project team, meanwhile, typically results in a leaner and more functional solution. What does this mean? Lower project costs, lower run costs and happier CFOs.


Reliable and lasting change

In our experience, poorly run projects result in bad solutions. And bad solutions are bad news for change management. Creative Folks can help ensure that your technology solution delivers on user needs, guaranteeing a more successful change management process, better business buy-in and higher adoption rates.

Deliver a robust solution – on time, on budget and on target – with Creative Folks’ project delivery services.

Trust our consultants to manage the technical components of your change project while you focus on business outcomes and ensuring ROI.

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