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Do you want to connect modern cloud applications to legacy systems, perform complex data migrations or enhance business automation? You need advanced skills and the experience to match?

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Don’t want to pay big license fees for an integration platform but need the scale and performance? Then you need a ready-to-go platform powered by AWS Serverless technologies. SiPHON has your answers here.

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Need to integrate your business systems fast, but don't have the skills or know where to start.Our Integrations-as-a-Service provides an end to end solution to deliver quick outcomes at low cost.

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Why integration services?

System integration resolves disconnects between all of the business systems that you leverage. The goal is to get your IT systems to ‘talk to each other’ by integrating them for streamlined operations of higher quality and increased throughput. The benefits of successfully integrating your IT systems are immediately evident with the increased speed, and data quality in an organisation’s information flows. Additional value can be seen in the ongoing reduction of operational costs associated with the time taken with data re-entry and correcting human errors prevalent in poorly integrated operations. A successful integration project ultimately empowers an organisation to do more, with less, and of a higher quality. Beyond connecting your internal systems, enabling B2B integration further streamlines processes across the supply chain by reducing double data entry and consolidating transaction mechanisms.

Why integration services from Creative Folks

For twenty years, Creative Folks have helped businesses extend, transform and pivot their processes and technologies with system integration. As a result, we have developed robust experience with various technologies, languages and platforms. Connecting legacy business systems to modern SaaS and cloud environments via APIs that drive digital transformation and enhance customer experience is what we do. Our team includes skilled analysts, designers and engineers who will augment your internal team and collaborate with you to achieve business outcomes that would be time-consuming and expensive if you were to train or hire new staff. Whether it is product information, marketing content, ecommerce or B2B data, our team has the ability and experience to evaluate your technology landscape, design simple or complex integrations and deliver outcomes that will drive efficiency, improve accuracy and allow your business to achieve its goals.

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Our Integration Services


Extending or leveraging legacy systems

Leveraging a modern interface to uncover older systems and extend their functionality or repurpose the information. 


Data extraction and transformation

Amalgamating and converting information from siloed systems into a common format to achieve real-time information exchange.


Merging business data

In the event of an acquisition, a business must be able to move data between systems while maintaining the integrity of your information.


Automating business routines

Moving information around while adhering to business logic and increasing the diversity of data.


Platform or Cloud Migrations

Moving data from legacy or physical systems into a virtual environment by discerning the best method for each system.


Integrations as a Service

As your external integrations team, we can help you achieve agility, speed and reliability by managing the complexities for you.

The Most Common Customer Challenges


Doing More with Less

As business systems and workloads increase, streamlining and optimising your organisation has never been more critical for an organisation to survive and thrive. A successful integration project can ensure you get the most out of your team and your budget, and not get bogged down by re-doing work, amending human errors or hunting down data assets.


Business Transformation

Market pressures and customer expectations mean you need to change the way you deliver your products and services by updating systems and connecting data. Transitioning your organisation to the cloud by integrating current and archival content and systems is a critical step for any successful digital transformation project.


Lack of in-house capabilities to untangle system complexities

Most organisations depend on a variety of systems and processes to succeed, but navigating through this elaborate maze to identify inefficiencies and opportunities for automation and streamlining can be a difficult task. Ensuring someone with experience of not only your systems and software, but also has a successful background implementing integrations projects, can make-or-break the desired efficiency and cost savings outcomes.


Automate your routines

You need IT applications to support your operations, but each app works in a different environment and does not communicate autonomously, ultimately causing time-consuming manual data transfers. Cut out the middle-man and streamline your processes by integrating your systems to work together and not against you.


Business Agility

As we have all seen in through recent global events, market changes do occur and adapting is critical. The ability to quickly scale your organisation, up or down (or even a specific team), to meet rising or falling demands while avoiding excess costs is critical to enduring today’s unpredictable economic climate.


Platform Migration - Legacy or merging organisations

Business applications are tied to on-premise IT constraints with multiple data silos. Consolidating systems and connecting data will provide new ways for staff and customers to interact efficiently and ultimately save time and money. Successfully integrating your merging systems to speak to each other effectively enables your organisation’s human staff to do more, with less.

Organisations that have benefited from our Integration Services



Systems integration connects different platforms to form a single, cohesive system. It is the act of ensuring that the various pieces of your business systems communicate and work cohesively.

Know your systems: The first step in any successful system integration project is understanding what systems you already have in place. By understanding the dependencies between systems, you can integrate new technologies in a way that will not disrupt existing processes. 

Systems integration provides many benefits. It can improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enable better decision-making – to name a few. Additionally, systems integration can help you adapt to change and improve your competitive position.

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) leverages cloud-based tools that enable the deployment, management, and integration of applications and services across different platforms. You can easily integrate on-premise applications with cloud applications by adopting iPaaS.

As a cloud-based tool, iPaaS manages high volumes of data across multiple sites. The primary objective of iPaaS is to provide essential support during integration with minimal disruption. The key features include:
  • Connectivity: iPaaS solutions enable efficient integration by allowing different applications to connect.
  • Data integration: Sender and receiver data objects are visible to ensure data connection between different locations.
  • API management: API management is essential to the integration process and supports the basic architecture of an iPaaS solution.