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Why integration services?

System integration resolves disconnects between all of the business systems that you leverage. The goal is to get your IT systems to ‘talk to each other’ by integrating them to increase the speed of information flows, and reduce the risk of human mistakes and your operational costs. Beyond connecting your internal systems, integration facilitates communication between third parties related to your business.

Why integration services from Creative Folks

For twenty years, Creative Folks have helped businesses extend, transform and pivot their processes and technologies with system integration. As a result, we have developed robust experience with various technologies, languages and platforms. Connecting legacy business systems to modern SaaS and cloud environments via APIs that drive digital transformation and enhance customer experience is what we do. Our team includes skilled analysts, designers and engineers who will augment your internal team and collaborate with you to achieve business outcomes that would be time-consuming and expensive if you were to train or hire new staff.

Whether it is product information, marketing content, ecommerce or B2B data, our team has the ability and experience to evaluate your technology landscape, design simple or complex integrations and deliver outcomes that will drive efficiency, improve accuracy and allow your business to achieve its goals.

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Our Integration Services


Extending or leveraging legacy systems

Leveraging a modern interface to uncover older systems and extend their functionality or repurpose the information. 


Data extraction and transformation

Amalgamating and converting information from siloed systems into a common format to achieve real-time information exchange.


Merging business data

In the event of an acquisition, a business must be able to move data between systems while maintaining the integrity of your information.


Automating business routines

Moving information around while adhering to business logic and increasing the diversity of data.


Platform or Cloud Migrations

Moving data from legacy or physical systems into a virtual environment by discerning the best method for each system.


Integrations as a Service

As your external integrations team, we can help you achieve agility, speed and reliability by managing the complexities for you.

The Most Common Customer Challenges


Necessity to focus on your Core Business

You need to implement a solution that includes numerous external parties, but need to keep your core business needs top of mind. 


Outsourcing your integration work

Your business grows, and you need to share more data between your business apps, vendors, trading partners and customers.


Automate your routines

You need IT apps to support your operations, but each app works in a different environment requiring you to move data manually.


Business Agility

Market change occurs, and you need to adapt. You require a system that can respond quickly and flexibly to customer demands..


Business Transformation

Market pressures and customer expectations mean you need to change the way you deliver your products and services by updating systems and connecting data.


Platform Migration

Business applications are tied to on-premise IT constraints with multiple data silos. Consolidating systems and connecting data will provide new ways for staff and customers to interact.

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