Sitecore Product
Content Management

Centralise and automate the management and maintenance of
product data that feeds e-commerce web sites, print catalogues,
ERP systems, and more.

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Stay on top of your product content

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  • Integrate existing product data with new
    marketing content to create a single
    version of truth
  • Streamline your content process in a
    single platform supporting multiple
    brands, complex product ranges, lifecycle,
    and localisation
  • View how and where product assets are
    used across commerce sites, catalogs,
    mobile apps, signage, point-of-sale, digital
    kiosks, and more

Create a single source of truth

Product managers and merchandisers stay organised and drive results.

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Seamlessly aggregate content

Easily integrate existing product data from master data platforms, such as ERP, MDM or PLM systems, with new marketing content and media files.

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Escape reinventing the wheel

Leverage your existing product content as part of your processes for creating new content.

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Keep control of your content

Manage and drive business rules for user access and publication of confidential materials and product launch details.

Streamline content collaboration

Marketing, commerce, and product managers work

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Take the guesswork out of content delivery

Know what has been published, and how and where assets
are being used.

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Know your content usage

Get the complete view of how and
where product assets are used
across commerce sites, mobile apps,
catalogs, and more.

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Keep projects in sync

Easily publish content to your
channels, including website,
e-commerce, social media, CRMs,
third-party aggregators, and retail
partner platforms.

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Push content downstream

Integrate with any downstream
system with hypermedia RESTful
API and public file capabilities.

Need help centralising
and automating
the management
and maintenance of
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