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Discovery leads to the invention of ideas and planned execution leads to successful transformation.

The Creative Folks Discovery Framework

During the Discovery process a Creative Folks specialist will guide you through three sessions designed to create the core foundation for change.

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Discovery Session 1:
The Bucket of Ideas

Otherwise known as the brain dump. It helps us learn about what makes your business tick and the drivers behind the need for change. We bring key stakeholders in the room and talk about your strategy, ideas, current challenges and goals.No idea is too small or large, we capture everything before spending time collating and documenting the requirements.

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Discovery Session 2:

We return to the same group, with the intention of reflecting back what we’ve discovered in the areas of:

  • Objectives
  • Strategy
  • Pain points
  • Priorities

This step is vital to ensure everyone is in agreement with the outcomes needed.

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Discovery Session 3:

We take a look at the tech stack (this may involve a friendly conversation with your IT dept), current tools in use, workflow and people.The aim is to identify capability, resources, skill sets and current blockers causing inefficiency.

And this is what you get...


Discovery Report

We present our findings back to you as a detailed Discovery Report.

This will capture:

  • Current state
  • Business strategy.
  • Objectives and how will technology and process support it
  • Specify outcomes
  • Solution Deliverables
  • Projected impact to business operations
  • Identify change management
  • Cost / benefits
This report will provide you the basis for making the next steps towards a successful transformation.

Solution Deliverables

The solution deliverables is a high level approach to how we would recommend you go about solving the problems identified.

We modularise the solution deliverables, so that you can treat your transformation as small, unique pieces of work, which can help to isolate quick wins, and reduce the need for lengthy project plans and large teams.


Technology Recommendations

You will likely need some technology to support the changes ahead.

Having dived into your current technology stack, we might see that some of the objectives require some new technology or modifications to the existing to deliver on the objectives.

The use of Digital Asset management Platforms, Content Creation and workflow tools often sit at the centre of the digital content supply chain. If necessary we will recommend platforms that complement the solution deliverables.

We are always looking at innovation and new ways to deliver solutions more cost effectively and where appropriate, the use of serverless and cloud technologies can deliver exceptional results that were otherwise unaffordable before.



A detailed estimate is provided that aligns with the solution deliverables.

This estimate includes products, services and support required for delivering your content transformation project, broken down into the identified outcomes.

This can be used in 2 ways:

  • to clearly explain the business problems and potential path forwards to the business stakeholders
  • to be used as a guideline for engaging an integrator or vendor on what you need and how to achieve the identified outcomes

After Discovery the next step is to start delivering on the outcomes identified to drive change that leads to innovation, efficiency and competitive advantage.

At Creative Folks we focus on small achievable outcomes to provide quick wins, which in turn leads to better user engagement and ultimately success on the business strategy.

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Case Study

Harrier National

Learn how Creative Folks were able to improve Harrier National’s competitive presence through a systems transformation.


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