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Technical Consulting

In our digital world, data is your most valuable asset. Our director, Andrew Lomas, discusses how Creative Folks can harmonise your business systems with their...

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Integration with Siphon

Customers are one click away from switching to your competitors, which means your organisation’s technology stack needs to be responsive to changes in the...

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Domain expertise

A Digital Asset Management system (DAM) is a discipline to organise, categorise, search, retrieve and archive files such as images, documents, creative files,...

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Managed support services

Maintaining accurate data for thousands of products from multiple suppliers is a massive challenge for the modern manufacturer, distributor and retailer – and...

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Content Hub Webinar

Ensuring compliance with Digital Rights Management


Accelerate Your Content Transformation Project

You will be guided on what you need consider and action when undertaking a content transformation project.

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Branded App Comparison Chart

Download our branded app comparison chart to see which features the four major app building platforms have. We compare: AEM, Twixl, Mag+, and Purple DS


The Ransomware Checklist

Protect your business from ransomware attacks using this powerful 10-point checklist.


Brandfolder - State of DAM Report 2018

Most businesses assign huge value to their brand. Brand often delivers as much value to a business as products, employees and customers. However, in the past 5...


About Creative Folks

At Creative Folks we think technology is exciting because it enables and inspires our clients to do truly amazing things. Learn more about us by viewing this...


WoodWing's Enterprise Aurora: One system, endless possibilities

Now available for purchase, Enterprise Aurora is changing the competitive landscape of the media industry. Want to find out more?


Optimize concept and production with digital asset management

With so many assets and formats in play, creating and managing digital collateral is a massive challenge for creative agencies. But it doesn’t have to be. With...


Brandfolder Templating

Brandfolder Templating allows Brandfolder customers to efficiently create and disseminate on-brand, design-quality marketing and sales materials. Designers...


Complete guide to running a content technology and process transformation project

If your content strategy is no longer delivering, it may be time to re-engineer your workflows. Read on to find out how to identify and prioritise...


Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Modern DAM

Essential for the modern marketer, digital asset management platforms leverage automation, workflows and analytics to simplify processes and unleash value.

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How to Solve Your Content Crisis

We can help transform your content delivery from an off-the-cuff process, into one seamless, connected journey.

Transform the way you manage content

We have helped over 50 organisation in Australia and New Zealand transform their management of content using workflow, automation and integration.

Talk to us to find out how we can help you overcome your content challenges.

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