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Case studies

Harrier National

Learn how Creative Folks helped Harrier improve their competitive presence by conducting an entire business systems environment upgrade that resulted in...

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Case studies

Yaffa Media

Yaffa Media leverages WoodWing´s multi-channel publishing system Enterprise and WoodWing´s digital asset management solution Elvis DAM to maximize the...

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Case studies

Bauer Media

With over 80 magazine titles, Bauer selected WoodWing’s multi-channel publishing system Enterprise for their publishing & print workflows.

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Case studies

Digital Graphic Communications

I have been a customer for over 9 years now. In that time there has never been an issue too small or too complicated that Creative Folks have not been able to...

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Case studies

Audio Network

Always available, helpful, adaptable, cost effective, and passionate, Creative Folks have become an integral part of our developing business in Australia.

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Case studies

Yaffa Publishing rolls out WoodWing

One of the oldest family-owned publishers in Australia has begun using WoodWing’s Enterprise content publishing platform…

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Case studies

Aspermont Limited

“We recognized the need to streamline our production facilities and so we began our research into a suitable editorial system”

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Case studies

Karen Millen

Reduced distribution time and richer visuals is providing greater alignment and engagement with staff and franchisers while delivering greater sales results...

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Case studies

Australian Securities Exchange

The Australian Securities Exchange have migrated their Listed@ASX Branded app from Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) to Twixl Publisher which is available...


Accelerate Your Content Transformation Project

You will be guided on what you need consider and action when undertaking a content transformation project.

businessman working with digital tablet computer and smart phone with digital business strategy layer effect on wooden desk as concept

Branded App Comparison Chart

Download our branded app comparison chart to see which features the four major app building platforms have. We compare: AEM, Twixl, Mag+, and Purple DS


The Ransomware Checklist

Protect your business from ransomware attacks using this powerful 10-point checklist.


Brandfolder - State of DAM Report 2018

Most businesses assign huge value to their brand. Brand often delivers as much value to a business as products, employees and customers. However, in the past 5...


About Creative Folks

At Creative Folks we think technology is exciting because it enables and inspires our clients to do truly amazing things. Learn more about us by viewing this...

Yaffa Media

Yaffa Testimonials

Yaffa Publishing sharing their experience of working together with Creative Folks.

Bauer Meida Video

Bauer Media Testimonial

Bauer Media Group share their positive experience of working together with Creative Folks.


WoodWing's Enterprise Aurora: One system, endless possibilities

Now available for purchase, Enterprise Aurora is changing the competitive landscape of the media industry. Want to find out more?


Optimize concept and production with digital asset management

With so many assets and formats in play, creating and managing digital collateral is a massive challenge for creative agencies. But it doesn’t have to be. With...


Brandfolder Templating

Brandfolder Templating allows Brandfolder customers to efficiently create and disseminate on-brand, design-quality marketing and sales materials. Designers...

Choosing a Modern DAM

A Comprehensive Guide To Choosing a Modern DAM

The future of DAM is here! Discover how the digital landscape is changing, how DAM helps boost revenue and five key solutions to creating a holistic customer...


Complete guide to running a content technology and process transformation project

If your content strategy is no longer delivering, it may be time to re-engineer your workflows. Read on to find out how to identify and prioritise...

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