Creating content across all the channels and touchpoints your customers interact with your brand is becoming ever more complex. Take control and adopt repeatable and intuitive workflows that reduce steps, improve transparency and become more productive that allows a focus on storytelling and customer engagement.

"With its multi-channel publishing and digital management applications, WoodWing has revolutionised Yaffa... the greatest change has been streamlining the workflow and reducing production time from seven weeks to three, resulting in more time to sell."

Matthew Gunn, Production Director at Yaffa Media

Speed up your entire content creation process

Creating amazing content that engages with customers can make the difference between your brand and product and someone else’s being front of mind when purchasing. Creating all the content across all of the channels in the most efficient way is essential to compete in the online world. Allow your team to go from idea to publication in the fastest possible time, minimising frustrations and streamlining the whole process from beginning to end.

Capabilities Provided by the AWS Serverless Platform

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Whether it be a marketing campaign or a print layout you need to organise your content so that it is linked to tasks and deadlines.

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Collaborate on visuals and copy and collect all the items you need to start building out the content

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Start putting your content into a visual structure and augment for each channel - content marketing blogs, brochures, product information, social

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Review and Edit

Get out of emails and start making use of intuitive collaboration tools

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Keep on top of corrections and ensure the right version is used

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Automate and distribute

Don’t start converting manually. Be smart and use automation tools and push content to its channels such as ecommerce

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