Brandfolder Templating

Brandfolder Templating allows Brandfolder customers to efficiently create and disseminate on-brand, design-quality marketing and sales materials.

Designers create templates in Adobe InDesign using the plugin, which are pushed straight to Brandfolder and made editable by non-designers. Edit images and text within sales collateral, brochures, business cards and more, then share them from the Brandfolder platform.

New Templating functionality launched 11/2018:
*An upgraded UI that is quicker, more intuitive and feature rich
*An admin form editor that previews changes in realtime
*Custom text input options including: free text, rows, dropdown, asset
*Text validation options including: character limit, row limit, email, URL, number
*Custom image replacement options including: Brandfolder embed, upload from machine, both or neither
*Image embed restriction query to show only specific, approved images to end users for replacement
*Dynamic share link to share in progress templates with teammates