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How Yaffa Media reduced production time from seven weeks down to three

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Results & benefits

  • Content for print, web, digital editions and social media are now produced within one integrated workflow.
  • Production time has been reduced from seven weeks down to three weeks.
  • Significantly streamlining workflows has led to a cost reduction of more than 50 percent.

About the customer

Yaffa Media is one of Australia's largest independent media companies and has remained an independent operation despite significant growth and diversification over the past 85 years. Yaffa Media consists of 28 consumer and business-to-business media brands, that collectively provide access to more than 3 million readers. These brands are made up of 28 specialist magazines spanning a broad range of industries including fashion, advertising, healthcare, photography and natural health, market-leading websites and e-newsletters, interactive digital apps and highly engaged social media outlets.

With its multi-channel publishing and digital management applications, WoodWing has revolutionized Yaffa... the greatest change has been streamlining the workflow and reducing production time from seven weeks to three, resulting in more time to sell.

Matthew Gunn, Production Director at Yaffa Media -


The production processes had to be optimized due to Print Editors becoming Brand Managers and therefore is was necessary to deliver the same importance to all channels (neither print nor digital first). The provision of content for the various channels was far too complex and time-consuming. Furthermore, the publisher needed a suitable solution for safe and searchable archiving of existing content. Manual repurposing and syndication processes were complicated, time-consuming and costly.


Yaffa Media looked into two other solutions, but neither product progressed past the phone call stage. WoodWing's partner, Creative Folks, was the only vendor able to show a complete system consisting of a multi-channel publishing and digital asset management application, promising an impressive ROI. WoodWing's applications had all of the facilities that Yaffa Media required to change the workflow, and also the ability to plug-on other products, making up the entire environment.

The integrated publishing and digital asset management environment significantly improved our multi-channel content production.

- Matthew Gunn, Production Director at Yaffa Media -

Implementation / Integration

Enterprise is integrated with Dataplan’s flatplan system Journal Designer, and the CRM and AdBooking system Carma Cloud.

Results & benefits

  • Using Enterprise and Elvis DAM, Yaffa Media today creates and manages content for print, web, digital editions and social media efficiently from within one integrated environment.
  • Editors / Brand Managers now have a high ownership of content, editing their copy dynamically across all channels.
  • Editors / Brand Managers can continue to work on articles even if they are in the field, and collaboration with external contributors is easy.
  • Elvis DAM revolutionized the image and video workflow between the Brand Managers and the studio, resulting in much greater control.
  • The streamlined workflow and digital asset management led to a massive ROI of systems and content.

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