Adobe InDesign Server CC

InDesign Server

Adobe InDesign Server is a robust, highly flexible, scalable layout and composition engine that offers the ability to automate the proven design, layout, and typographical capabilities of InDesign CC. It can drive a wide variety of automated publishing solutions, while delivering the same output quality that you would expect from the Adobe Creative Cloud products. Rigorously tested to provide a high degree of stability, InDesign Server CC offers a flexible and scalable development environment with support for SOAP, Java, AppleScript, JavaScript, Microsoft Visual Basic, and C++ plug-ins.

What can InDesign Server CC do?

Run multiple jobs more efficiently. You no longer need to create additional instances of Adobe® InDesign® CC Server to process two or more jobs at once. Instead, you can run multiple tasks within a single instance. Not only is this more convenient, but in most cases, it is also faster.

Fixed Layout EPUB

Make interactive EPUB books with live text – such as children’s books, cookbooks, travel books, and textbooks – that are rich with illustrations, photo, or animations. Layout and design remain fixed no matter the size of the screen they’re being viewed on.

Liquid Layout

Efficiently adapt content for different page sizes or orientations. Apply liquid page rules to automatically adjust text and images when you create a layout with different dimensions. The rules you set specify how objects relate to each other and the page.

Job queuing and load balancing

Reduce downtime and improve responsiveness. Use job queues to prioritise tasks, and use load balancing to distribute tasks efficiently to multiple servers.

These are just a few of the features delivered with Adobe InDesign Server CC.
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