Enfocus : Pitstop Pro 13

pitstop_toolThe indispensable tool for high-volume PDF preflighting and auto-correction!

PDF documents can be excruciating to work with. Clients don’t provide them as required, they don’t output as you need them to, and more than frequently you have to alter the PDF despite the fact that Adobe Acrobat doesn’t support it.

PitStop Pro is a plug-in module for Adobe Acrobat that offers the answer for your problems. With PitStop Pro, checking and altering a PDF will no longer be an issue!

PitStop PDF preflight identifies and automatically resolves the most common errors in PDF documents.

In PitStop Pro, you can set a preflight profile or utilise one of the numerous default profiles that ship with the plug-in. When you preflight a PDF document, PitStop will automatically create an easy to understand report which lets you know precisely what actions are needed to get the document fit for use.

PitStop Reports

classic-thumbThe classic PitStop preflight report gives you a simple and clear overview of the errors in the file, and the things that PitStop has automatically fixed for you

annotations-thumbIf you want a report which highlights errors and fixes in your file, PitStop can generate a report with annotations straight into your PDF file.

Edit just about anything with PitStop

With the powerful tools that make up PitStop, you can edit just about anything on a PDF document.

From Embedding missing fonts, Converting fonts to outlines, changing fonts in a PDF, updating the text to correct a simple and known mistake, to image manipulation such as converting RGB to CMYK images and even inserting, removing or replacing an image.

The power of PitStop PDF editing tools ensures all PDF documents are fit for purpose.

Learn more about the great new features of  PitStop Pro 13.