Adobe DPS for Corporations

Engage customers and stakeholders with tablet and smartphone apps


Brands and companies looking to engage their customers and stakeholders through mobile channels can count on Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to help bring their content to life on leading tablets and smartphones. By using designers and marketing staff to create visually rich, interactive app content, brands can reduce production costs and avoid using expensive custom development. Additionally, thanks to tight integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud, companies can capture consumer insight through analytics and display the right content in their apps for maximum impact. With Digital Publishing Suite, brands can take advantage of—and avoid missing out on—new engagement and communication opportunities on mobile devices.

Why Adobe Digital Publishing Suite?

Compelling content experience
Bring content in your app to life by using interactivity like video, slide shows, and 360-degree rotation to showcase your products and inspire customers and stakeholders to engage with your brand.

Reduced app production costs
Reduce app creation costs and convert them into greater digital ROI by using designers and marketing staff to create app content, rather than expensive custom app development.

Robust analytics and metrics reporting
Display the right content to your stakeholders by using in-app analytics, powered by Adobe Marketing Cloud. Gain intelligence into how customers use your app to fine-tune content, interactivity, and offers.

Private publishing and restricted distribution
Communicate with internal audiences by privately distributing apps to users within the enterprise. Also allow users to authenticate with your company’s back-end servers to access exclusive content based on user role.

Multiplatform support
Allow customers to access content wherever they are, including on the most popular devices like iPad, iPhone, Android™ tablets and phones, and on Windows 8.1 devices.

Audience engagement and marketing tools
Connect deeply with audiences through out-of-the-box, enterprise-grade features like push notification, camera and GPS integration, content management system integration and more.

Social sharing
Encourage consumers to share “tear-away” pages from publications with friends, driving new customer acquisition from trusted sources at a lower cost.

Proven solution
Trust the distribution of your content to an enterprise-grade solution that has produced apps for the world’s leading brands and publishers.