Enterprise Analytics

Master your production process – From the cloud


  • Real-time insights from any location, at any moment, from any device
  • No software installation; easy configuration
  • Manage multiple Enterprise instances from the same account
  • No interference with your production (report generation can be quite processor-intensive)
  • Run reports on historical content that is no longer present in your production system


Enterprise-analytics-publishing-processWoodWing has been the publishing efficiency expert for many years. And now, with their new cloud-based Enterprise Analytics, organizations can now have unparallelled insights in the effectiveness of their production process. Using Enterprise Analytics, you can measure and further increase your Return on Investment (ROI) for WoodWing’s Enterprise Multi-Channel Publishing solution.

  • Instantly see the progress of your publication
  • Select a specific channel, like print or DPS
  • Drill down per story (Dossier) and content type

Want to know how your publication is tracking?

Enterprise Analytics is shipping with two essential reports.

The Progress report lets you see the full production progress at a glance. Dashboard widgets provide information about the complete issue. On top of that, you can drill down on Dossier level to see the progress for each type of content.

Enterprise-analytics-reportsThe File status report gives you all necessary details about the exact phase each file is in, whether it’s being edited, reviewed, final or any other status you may have defined. Again you can see the overall state, as well as the file status per dossier.