Enterprise Server

WoodWing’s multi-channel publishing system – Enterprise, is a flexible, future-proof system that enables you to efficiently publish to any channel – Web, tablet, print & social – at any time. With a global presence in the newspaper, magazine, book, and corporate publishing markets, Enterprise ensures that its customers have a solution that is designed to meet the needs of a variety of industries.

Enterprise Server is a mature platform with over a decade of development catering to the everchanging needs of users and the demand for proficiency taking advantage of increased content distribution channels such as social, web and mobile.


Enterprise Server is the backbone of WoodWing’s publishing system. Enterprise takes care of the overall workflow, security, user maintenance and access rights, business logic, version management, storing assets and retrieving assets from the database, as well as connectivity to other systems via a server plug-in mechanism.

  • All your documents are stored centrally for easy access
  • Get rid of production delays by routing files to the next person in line automatically

Technology Integration

Enterprise is a three-tier content management system that connects to Adobe InDesign, InCopy, Web content management systems, and a variety of third party applications to help businesses publish their content.



Communicate via Internet protocols – SOAP, so that performance is outstanding, even for remote Web usage or on high-latency networks.


Holds all business logic. You have access to the full source code to maximize control, flexibility and opportunities for custom functionality.


Holds all content in an industry standard database: Oracle, MS SQL Server or MySQL.Enterprise Server contains more than a decade of software development and experience in publishing. It’s been built from the ground up to be fast, flexible, robust and scalable. Enterprise Server is ready for any future publishing challenge or yet-to-be-invented channel. With its vast API catalogue, integrations with Adobe DPS, Elvis DAM, Indesign, Incopy and other 3rd Party integrations make Enterprise Server the preferred choice.


Web Services

Clients communicate with Enterprise Server using Web services via modern communication protocols – SOAP, JSON, and AMF. Content Station, Smart Connection, Smart Mover, 3rd-party software and even your own apps – they can all tap the Enterprise Server API.

Proven, Open Technologies

Enterprise Server uses mature and reliable technologies such as PHP, MySQL, and Apache. This means an easy roll-out on your existing infrastructure. These modern technologies ensure a scalable, robust and flexible solution. They offer many advantages when compared to proprietary software and you won’t depend on specialized, expensive programmers.


Using Windows? Apple’s OS X? Linux? Enterprise Server runs on all of them. You can mix and match hardware and software to put together the system of your dreams. Enterprise also runs