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Michael Coorey
By Michael Coorey on Apr 26, 2023 10:30 AM

Unlock business agility with SiPHON: A modular integration platform built on serverless

For your business to adapt (or pivot) as market forces demand, you must be able to change your processes quickly. Your core systems generally stay intact, but how you use those core systems might need adjusting. You may also need to adjust how those systems interact with each other or with external systems.

Most pivots require your business to combine existing services in a new way that meets the customer's needs. The faster you can change your system interactions to suit new process requirements and adopt new processes, the faster you can pivot. The quicker you can meet customer demands, the more you will win business over your competitors.

For example, this quote from Clayton Christensen’s The Innovator's Dilemma sums it up: ‘Historically, disruptive technologies involve no new technologies. Rather, they consist of components built around proven technologies put together in a novel product architecture that offers the consumer a set of attributes never before available.’
To stay relevant with market demands, you need to be innovating. But innovation isn’t only for startups. It has become a requirement for almost every modern business. Innovation requires the ability to pivot/adapt. You cannot pivot without introducing new systems or new ways of interacting with existing systems. So, you need these systems to be integrated into your business ecosystem as quickly, efficiently and reliably as possible while retaining the flexibility to adapt as you work through the new processes. It is for this reason that we built our SiPHON platform.

So what is SiPHON?

SiPHON is a modular integration platform, built using highly scalable, fast, cost-efficient technologies, known as serverless. SiPHON enables us to deliver integrations faster, with less overhead and much greater reliability than traditional platforms.

But what are the advantages of using SiPHON? Why consider this integration platform for your business?

Speed to implement

At the heart of SiPHON's design is the ability to implement new connectors and workflows quickly. This functionality allows you to build connectors and flows and deploy them live in record time, which means your business can start working faster too.

SiPHON works on a modular framework and technology stack, which enables you to create small, independent microservices that adapt to new customer requirements. These microservices are not limited by the constraints of most systems and inherit the platform's speed, error handling, and scalability. As a result, it becomes even easier to build new features and deploy them into live environments faster.


As your business grows, it often becomes more complex, with numerous processes and systems that must work together seamlessly. An integration platform can streamline these processes and ensure everything works together smoothly.

SiPHON reduces the amount of manual effort required to manage different systems. It enables data to flow automatically between different systems, eliminating the need for manual entry or other time-consuming tasks. Your business will save time and reduce the risk of errors, than when manually transferring data between systems.

As such, you can become more agile and responsive to changing market conditions. By integrating different systems and processes, your business can quickly adapt to changes in the environment, whether these be to customer demand, new regulations, or other factors.


Running workloads concurrently in systems integration refers to managing multiple processes or tasks simultaneously on a single platform. By integrating various systems and processes, SiPHON enables your business to run multiple workloads concurrently without the need for manual intervention or custom development.

One significant advantage of concurrency is handling many requests and processes simultaneously. SiPHON allows multiple functions to run concurrently, so your business can improve system throughput and process more transactions in less time. This increased throughput means your business can handle more requests, leading to better customer service and improved satisfaction from your team.


The ability to maintain high availability and reliability is essential. Our SiPHON platform offers this through multi-region/multi-AZ deployments. Multi-region deployment involves distributing application components across multiple geographic regions to minimise the impact of regional failures or disruptions. Multi-AZ deployment replicates application components across multiple Availability Zones (AZs) within a single region to ensure high availability.

The high availability intrinsic to SiPHON allows your business to feel confident in your systems remaining accessible, even during a data centre outage or other disruption. Using multiple regions and AZs provides your business with redundancy and failover capabilities, allowing you to maintain business continuity and minimise the risk of downtime.


Keeping costs low is critical for achieving profitability. Our SiPHON platform, in many cases, is the cheapest option to run. We manage all aspects of the integration process for you at a monthly fee, reducing the need for custom development work. Using pre-built connectors and APIs allows your business to connect different systems and processes more easily without hiring developers to build everything from scratch.

In addition, our ability to provide a low-cost (but reliable) platform is inherited from the aforementioned benefits. For example, our high availability technology comes standard, without the need for additional hardware and infrastructure.

Our capacity to scale to enterprise levels of throughput and concurrency are also built into our technology - no new deployments, infrastructure or management layers are needed. When you want it to work fast and hard, it will. Reducing the amount of idle systems and infrastructure is a massive cost-saver to both infrastructure and technical teams.


A systems integration platform is invaluable for businesses looking to pivot, adapt or scale their operations, run many workloads simultaneously, maintain high availability, and keep costs low. Connecting your business apps reduces the need for custom development work and expensive IT infrastructure while improving efficiency, productivity, and customer service.

With the numerous benefits of SiPHON, your business can be better equipped to adapt to changing market conditions. Whether improving operational efficiency, reducing costs, or enhancing customer satisfaction, our integration platform gives your business the tools to succeed in today's fast-paced business environment.

Why choose Creative Folks’ SiPHON integration platform?

Traditional iPaaS and ESB solutions are expensive, slow to implement, and costly to operate. SiPHON is a flexible, highly scalable and cost-effective cloud based integration platform that connects business systems, fast. It is a managed platform that allows you to build and deploy business logic quickly and with infinite scale at a fraction of the price.
We built SiPHON because of our frustrations with the industry-leading tools available. We leveraged our years of experience and learning new technologies to create a platform that solves complex integration problems. Visit our SiPHON Integration Platform page for more.

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