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Sitecore Content Hub Discovery Call & Workshop

The 30 minute Content Hub Discovery Call & subsequent in-person Workshop with Creative Folks CEO and Co-FounderAndrew Lomas will cover:

  • Assessment of your current digital assets and content management processes
  • Establish what asset problems you are trying to solve
  • The solutions Content Hub can deliver to alleviate these problems
  • Outline of ROI opportunities through utilisation of Content Hub
  • Discuss the potential steps for your organisation to achieve personalised omnichannel experiences for your customers
  • Establish the agenda for an in-person workshop to follow-up on the discovery call
Why Is managing your content correctly so important now?

We live in an era of digital transformation. Anything that can be digitised will be digitised. As a result, effective content management has turned from a ‘nice-to-have’, into a ‘must have’ as the number of digital assets needed to compete in the online marketplace explodes.

Creating, managing and using the numerous types of content an organisation needs today can frequently lead to operational and quality inefficiencies and put your organisation at risk of a content crisis.

Utilising a DAM in modern times can now be seen as an essential component of any modern content management. But to avoid a content crisis in unprecedented times, you now need to be able to do more with less, and as efficiently as possible. Therefore the content platform that supports your many channels of customer engagement needs to do a lot more than just store assets. It needs to have integrated planning and resource management, content marketing tools and workflows as well as integrated data and automated distribution to multiple customer facing platforms.



Creative Folks and Sitecore provide a complete Content Hub solution to cater to this with streamlined omnichannel content management that is integrated and incorporated into your other systems.

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Missing out on the ROI potential of content management?

ROI has never been more important and in 2021 we all are feeling the need to achieve more with less in every capacity of our lives.

When it comes to your content and products, Sitecore Content Hub and Creative Folks, Australia’s Sitecore Content Hub specialists, have you covered. Our guide, 21 Reasons why you need Content Hub in 2021, covers all the ways a Creative Folks Content Hub solution can benefit you and deliver an ROI today.



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Did you know companies that invest in personalisation functionality for content see
conversions increase 10% - 30%

Slash IT costs
by up to 50%
through Content Hub streamlining infrastructure and processes