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WoodWing Swivle delivers the solution you need to safekeep your digital files, improve brand consistency, collaborate on digital asset development and over all - ensure your content is at the right place at the right all times.

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File Sharing Cloud Storage vs Swivle Cloud DAM

The key differences you need to know

Cloud storage has unquestionably changed the way we store, share and collaborate online. It is a secure, simple means of accessing data from anywhere at any time. 

But when it comes to our content, and the creative industries and marketing focussed departments of our organisations, simply storing files for easy access will no longer suffice.

Creative Folk’s and Woodwing have the perfect entry-point for those needing more from their content than cloud storage is currently delivering - Woodwing cloud DAM Swivle.

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Low cost, ease of payment

Get a true game changer for your organisations content management for as low as $599 a month. *Utilising the fastspring option, payment can be made simply via credit card making the process even simpler.

Same day deployment
and onboarding

Woodwing Swivle’s intuitive UX combined with Creative Folk’s 20+ years of content management expertise can get off and running the same day you order it.


Swivle is entirely cloud-based enables you to access your content securely from anywhere with your assets locally stored and protected in AWS Sydney data centre

Intuitive Multi-Brand

The ability to effectively manage multiple brands via the Swivle ensures your team can easily create, reuse and manage content across multiple brands with ease.

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Collaborate seamlessly
with app integrations

Collaborate with your team
to design digital assets.

One Central place for all your files

Safetly store. organise and manage digital files .

Fast and easy search and a visual overview

Gain complete control over all your brand assets.

Store files safely with access control

Maintain consistency, and eliminate repetitive tasks.

How Does WoodWing
Swivle Work?

Creative Folk’s and WoodWing Swivle will empower your business to do more with less and safely storing unlimited files in one central digital library. But how? Here is a convenient short video exploring the ins and outs of WoodWing Swivle DAM solution.

Great but what’s the cost?

A successfully integrated and deployed DAM solution is a proven means of gaining collaborative efficiency and data asset security for any organisation managing content and data.

This is nothing new, DAM solutions have been widely regarded for years as a ‘nice to have’ but times have changed and an effective solution for your data asset management is now a ‘must-have’

Can you really afford to miss out on the ROI benefits of a Creative Folks and WoodWing Swivle solution?

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