Digital Asset Management that helps you to maximize your brand potential

Most businesses assign huge value to their brand.

Brand often delivers as much value to a business as products, employees and customers. However, in the past 5 years, brand has been the pillar that hasn’t been platformed.

That's where Brandfolder comes in.


Brandfolder is a pure play data-driven enterprise digital asset management (DAM) platform that enables businesses to organize, discover, manipulate, distribute and measure brand engagement from a single, fully-integrated source of truth. Brandfolder serves as the single source of truth for housing, distributing, showcasing, and enforcing every single aspect of your brand.

Key Features & Benefits

Modular Customizability

Brandfolder runs deep with powerful features and modules. Yet we never let complexity distract from our key mission of maximizing user adoption.

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Visually Intuitive

Brandfolder’s visual interface allows you to focus on your assets, not a cluttered DAM. With a subtle focus on feature design, it’s your assets that stand out, as they should.

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Brand Health & Consistency

Your brand is sacred, and must be protected. Brandfolder keeps your brand consistent, from integrated usage guidelines to advanced DRM controls. We are your source of truth.

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Privacy & Security

Brandfolder enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right time. It provides a seamless and secure way for your organization to manage your digital assets.

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Modular Customizability

Customize your brand management platform to look like your brand. Vanity URLs allow you to control the branded experience of your Brandfolders and Collections further by customizing the URL where they are accessed.

  • White-Labeling Capabilities
  • Add your logo, custom header and custom header image to tailor the look and feel
  • Maintain your brand image both internally and externally

Visually Intuitive

Inspire usage, enable speedy discovery and streamline workflows across teams with intuitive organization and curation. Stop wasting valuable time searching for assets and let Brandfolder provide a seamless experience to your workflow.

  • Filter by Tags, Custom Fields, Metadata, Orientation, and Favorites
  • Save frequently-used search terms by pinning them for future use
  • AI-powered Auto-Tagging automatically adds logical tags to your assets upon import for intuitive discovery when searching.

Brand Health & Consistency

Give your network the ability to customize assets while retaining creative control and keep your assets on-brand. Scale your brand by integrating Brandfolder into your current workflow to keep assets consistent and accessible.

  • Embed assets in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign with drag and drop.
  • Transcode, watermark and clip videos with the Advanced Video Editor.
  • Upload creative designs with editable text fields and images to enable sales teams with collateral.

Privacy & Security

Control which assets are visible publicly and which assets are visible to specific users within your organization by regulating the privacy level on Brandfolders and Collections.

  • Brandfolder uses modern encryption methods to both transfer and store your data
  • Ensure secure authentication and simplify login with SAML & SSO.
  • API’s ensure fit in technology landscape
  • Protect and backup your files with Brandfolder.

Keep your brand consist

Take control of your assets and ensure each touchpoint is on-brand

Find what you are looking for

Quickly search across a variety of asset metadata and taxonomy

Save time & resources

Let designers focus on creating by enabling marketers to scale campaign while maintaining brand control

Dynamic DRM

Manage digital rights across all channels. Brandfolder allows proactive, and now reactive, digital rights management. Organize, distribute and manage your asset rights in Brandfolder. Then we’ll crawl the web to find your outdated or expired assets in the wild.

Solution Advantages

  • Ensure compliance with publication & expiration dates
  • Scalable platform
  • API’s ensure fit in technology landscape
  • Single sign-on support
  • Enterprise grade security
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Auto Organization

Leverage AI to automatically curate your DAM. AI is DAM’s best friend. Brandfolder applies machine learning and image recognition to automatically detect your related assets. Then it starts to build your organization structure with no manual interaction.

Solution Advantages

  • Automatically group related assets into contextually relevant sections
  • Detect duplicate images to merge and avoid clutter
  • Discover similar assets and take action with a visually intuitive interface
  • Save time and money by streamlining your DAM organization with AI
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Taxonomy Suggestions

Streamline asset labeling with data-driven suggestions. Brandfolder’s image recognition and machine learning engines automatically create clusters of related assets. These clusters’ taxonomy are consolidated, weighted and scored to generate taxonomy suggestions on similar assets and new asset uploads.

Solution Advantages

  • Alleviate the heavy lifting of tagging assets with machine learning
  • Receive smarter auto-tags based on existing data
  • Minimize clutter and disarray with consistently streamlined metadata
  • Eliminate resource drain by automating the bulk of metadata process
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Cross Channel Insights

Supplement Brandfolder event data with web analytics.Through a combination of its CDN and web scraper technology, Brandfolder tracks asset usage on the web. Web usage data is surfaced in our DAM providing source data for your distributed assets at a glance.

Solution Advantages

  • Tie asset performance to an ROI
  • View source data from distributed assets in the platform
  • Understand where your assets are and how often they’re being seen
  • Strengthen brand identify and engagement
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