Content Technology

With Content Technology, we enable Media Companies, Educational organisations, Corporate Institutions and Retailers engage their customers and staff by creating workflow solutions that create content, manage content, distribute content and analyse content.

Marketers are becoming publishers and publishers are becoming marketers. To assist we leverage software platforms including Elvis DAM (Digital Asset Management), WoodWing Enterprise (Multi-channel Workflow) and Twixl Publisher (Brand App Platform) in this regard.

The Changing Face of Content Technology

You’ve probably heard the saying that “content is king”. But just as important is how that content is delivered. Just as technology is evolving at breakneck speed, so too people today are accustomed to consuming content in ever more convenient formats.

There’s a war for attention going on. Fall behind, and your content risks being ignored.

At Creative Folks, we enable you to deliver your content in a way your customers want to consume it. We use the latest cutting edge technologies to do this. And we have the expertise to recommend and implement the best platforms to reach your audience and promote your brand.

Your challenges are to deliver useful information and added value, and maximising your brand is key. We help you overcome these challenges by handling the content technology for you, so you can focus on what you do best: creating the content. We help you do this by using the latest innovations in multi-channel publishing, digital asset management, digital publishing, and creative & automation software.

Who We Help

Across Media Companies, Educational organisations, Corporate Institutions and Retailers, our content technology expertise can empower people in the following roles:

  • Product Managers who want to grow product awareness and stay on top of the shifting marketplace;
  • Project/Transformation Managers who want to drive change within their organisation and make processes as efficient as possible;
  • Brand Managers who want to raise brand awareness, influence product roadmaps, and stay ahead of the game;
  • Content Managers who want to streamline the content production process and improve the reach of their content.

How We Help

We guide and educate customers in the design phase of content technology projects – involving digital asset management, multi-channel editorial publishing workflows, catalogue production automation, content marketing solutions and also archiving and data migration systems.

We have worked on projects including:

  • Integrated Adbooking and Publishing workflows for Yaffa Media (reducing production times from seven weeks to three!)
  • Brand identity protection for Australian Wool Innovation via digital asset management (reducing approval times by 90% for campaign assets)
  • Mobile publishing projects for Australian successes including, Virgin Australia, HCF and Toyota (that increased engagement with their customers and members).
  • Retail catalogue automation for Modern Star (allowing insourcing of production and reduction of turnaround to meet market demands)
  • Education course content creation, re-purposing and compliance for RMIT English (reduced research time, increased content and courses by 20% and delivered administrative efficiency).

We DON’T just “supply software”: it’s about recognising the business problem (or opportunity), coming up with the strategy, then building out the plans and workflows. Our experience doing this for dozens of customers adds significant value to future customers.

Collaboration, Delivery & Results

The marketplace of today is one of rich ideas, content and thinking all designed to educate and inspire. The challenge is to effectively repurpose, rethink and serve high value content on a regular basis for brands to keep on top of minds of their consumers who have more viewing choices now than ever.

Creative Folks provides the software, infrastructure and support to help content marketers and brand publishers deliver their content right from a high level thought inside a company; to your potential customers and stakeholders on a tablet, smartphone or desktop 24 / 7.

We maintain neutrality with any software or platform we recommend / install. The clients’ business objectives come first and it’s about creating the right process and workflow that suits the culture, style, internal processes and required deliverables of a given organisation.

Based in Sydney with clients across ANZ and beyond; Creative Folks is a proud partner of world leading content technology software and hardware vendors to give us access to the cutting edge thinking, ideas and knowledge in the content technology space.

Multi-Channel Publishing
Multi-Channel Publishing: With years of experience in editorial workflows, we were the first in Australia to perform an installation of WoodWing’s state of the art publishing platform. Today, we are leaders in helping our clients
collaborate and publish on multiple channels to reach as many potential customers as possible. Learn More Here.
Digital Asset Management
Digital Asset Management: Organising and storing rich media, content, technical data and confidential information is complex but we make it simple. Since 1994 we have been implementing systems and are certified as Elvis DAM – Diamond Partner and Canto Cumulus Systems Integrator. Learn More Here.
Digital Publishing
Digital Publishing: In 2010, we spearheaded Digital Publishing by helping clients to publish leading iPad apps such as Donna Hay, Men’s Health, Sun Herald and many more of Australia’s leading magazine titles. We continue to bring mobile and Multi-Channel digital publishing workflows to the market because we’re inspired and excited by harnessing new technologies to make life easier for our clients. We are also sole Australasian Partners for Twixl mobile publishing software. Learn More Here.
Creative & Automation Software
Creative & Automation Software: Creative Folks have been providing time-saving Creative and Automation software solutions such as HeliosUB, Enfocus PitStop & Switch, Axaio MadetoPrint and Adobe InDesign Server for over a decade. For our creative clients we are also Adobe Creative Cloud resellers as well as, Apple professional software, the WoodWing range of ‘Smart’ plugins and many other third party applications. Learn More Here.