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Resource Management

Connect with the platform that meets all your marketing resource
management needs. Sitecore Marketing Resource Management
(MRM), part of the Sitecore Content Hub™, helps organise
campaigns and content production.

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Creative collaboration, smart production

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  • Plan and schedule marketing activities —
    even complex, multi-layered ones
  • Align your marketing teams, processes,
    effectiveness, and outcomes
  • Empower marketing operations’
    management and support their success
  • Offer each team member tailored features that
    address their unique role
  • Streamline collaboration between internal and
    external teams

Marketing planning perfected

Efficient planning is key to your organisation’s marketing success.

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Plan with proficiency

Plan your upcoming campaigns on the marketing calendar. Use metadata to accommodate complex schedules that span channels, markets, and brands.

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Strategise for success

Collaboration and proofing tools help you develop budgets, campaign briefings, and strategic blueprints so your marketing teams can hit the ground running.

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Keep management in the loop

Reporting to managers is made simple with dashboards that give insights into how all marketing activities and resources are being coordinated.

Content production handled

Organise your production planning with built-in project
management tools.

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Creative collaboration optimised

Streamline collaboration between internal and
external teams with simplicity.

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Collaborate on content

Work seamlessly among teams
with productivity tools that include
structured briefings, file sharing,
online proofing, InDesign integration,
and more.

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Keep projects in sync

Review and approval tools help teams
stay on top of their project status and
know which creative version they are
working on.

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Work as one team

Marketers, product managers, 
copywriters,  and external agencies,
along with translation and
production services, operate as one
streamlined team via collaboration

Need help organising
campaigns and
content production?