Sitecore Content Marketing Platform

Maximize the business value of stronger content by expanding the speed, scale, and quality of content production.

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Eliminate operational inefficiencies

  • Effectively plan, manage, and collaborate on content strategy
  • Streamline production by orchestrating many simultaneous task streams
  • Optimize content use and distribution to target audiences across channels
  • Elevate visibility and governance

Get ahead of the curve – stop putting out fires

Ensure content is always ready when and where it’s needed.

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Plan content strategy

Proactively identify gaps in availability, then prioritize content production for channels, audience, campaigns, regions, and more.

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Visualise content needs

Create and track strategy visually by defining target audiences and plotting content publication on the strategy board — with customizable dual-pivot views.

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Track calendar status

Create campaigns, plan publications, and keep track of work status on the campaign calendar.

Streamline content production

Orchestrate the simultaneous task streams of all content stakeholders.

Quickly determine and resolve production bottlenecks, with visibility across the entire digital marketing workflow. Ensure on-time content delivery at-scale.

A unified environment is shared by content creators, editors, curators, and consumers. Get rid of email back-and-forth and version confusion.

Flexible and robust workflow management capabilities with built-in flows and quick actions, such as approve, annotate, or reject. Visualize and streamline activity of any user.

Optimize content use and distribution

Reach your target audience with the right content across channels.

High-volume content production

Easily meet and exceed the demand needed for personalization at scale – across all channels.

Content any way you want

Deliver personalized content across devices, tablets, computers, or any digital platform.

Easily enrich content

Extensible content types, tags, metadata, and taxonomy make it easy to deliver the right content to the right audience on the right channel.

Metrics and KPI dashboard

Measure performance and follow up on KPIs using the campaign and publication dashboard.

Campaign and publication calendars

Keep track of publications and timelines on the publication calendar, and keep track of publications within a campaign on the campaign calendar.

Content any way you want

Deliver personalized content across devices, tablets, computers, or any digital platform.

Ensure policy compliance

Visualize activity of any user and enforce security and permissions through easily configurable user groups and policies.

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