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Andrew Lomas
By Andrew Lomas on 20/09/2022 11:30:00 AM

Creative Folks have been promoted to Sitecore Platinum Partner

In our short time working with the Sitecore Partner Network, we have completed a lot of great work together as their premier Sitecore Content Hub Specialist for ANZ. During our strong partnership, we have designed and deployed Content Hub solutions for customers seeking to upgrade their content operations, adapt to changes in omnichannel content publishing and deliver enhanced customer experiences in their market.

In July of 2021, we received the honour of being nominated for the Excellence in Solution Delivery award. Whilst we did not win the award, the nomination was a great achievement because it recognised solution partners that stand out in their region as world-class Content Hub providers and highlighted our contribution to the preservation Digital Asset Management project at The Australian Ballet.

As part of our commitment to educating the market on content transformation, we co-hosted a series of roundtable meetings in 2021 alongside Sitecore, where I answered the question, ‘Why are omnichannel content platforms a logical necessity?’ The event focused on the changes to content management that arose during the first year of the pandemic and how structuring content in a modular way can deliver more scalable and efficient content delivery and personalisation.

Creative Folks initially became a Sitecore Gold Partner in early 2020. Around the same time, we became ANZ's first Sitecore Content Hub specialist. Now, we are proud to announce that we have become a Sitecore Platinum Partner. But what precisely does this mean?

Unlocking Composable Digital Experience Platforms

A key reason Creative Folks has reached Platinum Partner status is our unique ability to build Composable Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) as Sitecore and systems integration experts.

Our iPaaS platform, SiPHON, enables us to connect Sitecore Content Hub with other business applications, including content operations, messaging, CRM, PIM, commerce, etc. Our goal with SiPHON and our systems integration services is to quickly connect disparate systems, consolidate data flows and tear down silos while allowing businesses to scale and respond to market changes.

SiPHON allows Sitecore users and clients to unlock a composable DXP and access more functionality and accuracy without doing more work. Moreover, our expertise in many content, personalisation and commerce tools allows us to create a fully composable DXP with Sitecore and SiPHON.

Possess deep technical knowledge

Sitecore Platinum Partners must have capabilities beyond simply deploying a Content Hub solution. They must understand their customers’ strategy and organisational goals to collaborate on designing and deploying technology and process change to deliver real and measurable outcomes. Such expertise goes beyond simply deploying solutions; it means ensuring that the solution addresses the precise business needs.

As modern work takes place primarily in multi-application digital modes, a Sitecore Platinum Partner needs deep technical knowledge of not just Sitecore but many other business applications. Platinum Partners must have proven they can integrate digital solutions across the enterprise to deliver an excellent experience for the people using the platform so they can provide an outstanding customer experience.

Design and deploy solutions that adapt to change

In addition to technical expertise, a Sitecore Platinum Partner ensures that a solution remains viable even after updates or changes to the business. This expertise comes from many years and clients’ worth of experience, implementing solutions and maintaining them in line with best practices.

Your business needs systems that adapt to change as our world becomes increasingly interconnected and consumers show preferences for digital experiences on an increasing number of applications. Creative Folks’ expertise in Sitecore and systems integration has empowered customers to optimise how they create, manage and deliver content. We exemplified this in recent years as the pandemic brought on many changes to content management for Australian businesses.

Consistently deliver world-class service

A Sitecore Platinum Partner is a trusted organisation that has delivered a stream of successful projects to customers. They have a team of Sitecore-certified developers and have the capability to create solutions that cater to the unique needs of a business. We have delivered such projects to customers like The Australian Ballet, Jetstar and the Australian Catholic University (ACU).

Platinum Partner status is not just about the number of projects completed. Sitecore ensures their partners' clients report satisfaction with the implementation, meaning that Platinum Partners receive a strong, positive endorsement from their clients and Sitecore.

Start your Sitecore journey with Creative Folks

As Sitecore Content Hub specialists and a Platinum Partner, we are uniquely positioned to implement your solution. Our Sitecore expertise, combined with SiPHON, enables us to quickly and easily build a composable DXP that enables your business to do more with less.

We specialise in designing and deploying content management systems for planning, managing, automating and delivering content management solutions with Sitecore. Please view our Sitecore Content Hub product page for more on how we can meet your marketing and content needs.

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