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Andrew Lomas
By Andrew Lomas on 07/02/2012 7:30:25 AM

Digital Publishing - The Next Wave!

Monetize Your Content & Save Production Costs.

Digital Publications have quickly become an established media channel. Tablets are here to stay. But after the initial hype, you’re asking yourself, “How do I make this into a profitable business?” You will need to attract readers and advertisers and produce content for yet another channel efficiently, using the same staff and amount of time. We know…

Multi-Channel Publishing

Whether your output medium is print, the Web, mobile devices or tablets, WoodWing has a simple and efficient workflow to serve all your publication channels using your existing staff and skills. Our solution encourages a "create once, use everywhere" method that allows new publication channels to be added effortlessly and cost-efficiently.


Efficient Content Creation

In order to repeatedly create content in a consistent manner and with smooth collaboration, workflow is key. Also, your editors want a system that enables them to create a story for various channels without having to duplicate articles between various systems. And your designers know that adding interactivity to your publication can be time-consuming, so they want the best tools to do this quickly. WoodWing delivers the most efficient solution to satisfy these needs and get the job done.

WoodWing Creation Tools

For you to quickly add interactivity to your digital publications, WoodWing has developed its highly praised set of Digital Publishing Tools. These InDesign plugins are tightly integrated with WoodWing's publishing system, enabling you to produce your monthly, weekly or daily digital issues in time. WoodWing’s solution also integrates seamlessly with the Digital Publishing Tools from Adobe, stretching the creative boundaries to the max.

WoodWing Widgets

You may want to add special interactivity to your publication. Such components (widgets) can be built in HTML5 and used on the Web and inside your digital publications. Our unique Widget tool allows designers to conveniently add widgets to the layout and adjust settings, without the need for technical skills. WoodWing has built a library of free widgets, including zoomable images, parallax scrolling, Google Maps, YouTube and much more.

Content Monetization

Direct App sales, subscriptions, advertisements, sponsoring, special editions, cross-selling, upselling – there are many ways you can make money on digital publications. To make this into a successful business, though, you need Reader Engagement and Circulation, as well as Measurement Tools to determine your success rate. WoodWing and Adobe DPS offer you the tools to create compelling content, to put it on display and to measure your success.


To satisfy your advertisers’ needs, your readers should stay engaged as long as possible. WoodWing’s Digital Publishing Tools allow your designers to create compelling content using their most familiar tool - Adobe InDesign. By adding features such as hotspots, scrollable areas, links, widgets and more, your readers will be drawn into the reading experience and spend more time with your publication, notably your advertisers’ content.


You - and your advertisers - want to gain insight into how your readers engage with editorial and advertising content. Out-of-the-box, you can capture and view analytics through the integration with Adobe Online Marketing Suite, powered by Omniture®. You can track and analyze application installs and launches, measure reader engagement with individual articles and ads, and much more. For even more comprehensive analytics, publishers can also take an optional Adobe SiteCatalyst subscription.


To maximize your publication’s reach, the Adobe DPS platform supports single-issue sales, subscriptions and options to combine electronic and print subscriptions, addressing your readers’ requirements. Adobe DPS embraces all major tablet platforms – iOS (iPad), Android, BlackBerry and the Amazon Fire, and support for Apple’s Newsstand guarantees great visibility on your reader’s home screen. New features allowing you to share content and extend your reach even further will be added continuously.

Extensive Support Network

Creative Folks are WoodWing's Gold Authorised Support Partner for Australia and New Zealand. For more information contact Andrew Lomas on 1300 136 557

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