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Andrew Lomas
By Andrew Lomas on 28/09/2016 1:09:28 AM

Graphic design, cropping and imagery in minutes with Picmonkey


 Collages From collages to design - the free online editor Picmonkey does basic tasks incredibly well with ease.


One powerhouse 'Photoshop' program that many of our clients use with ease and success is the Picmonkey Platform.

Of course we at Creative Folks swear to the power and functionality of Adobe Photoshop. However Picmonkey is a free online image editor that does most basic things incredibly well in just minutes. It's ideal for creating imagery for social media, improving the look of photos and doing what you need without having to use the more heavy and serious software (avoiding the cost, training and time taken to use it).

In summary, within just clicks on Picmonkey - you can do:

- Beautiful Editing: Crop images, put on fancy filters, do basic 'Air Brushing' to improve imagery, rotate pictures, put in cool frames, add other images and the like.

- Improve the quality of photos: Picmonkey has this great 'Auto-adjust' button which you can press on any image. It makes the 'too dark' lighter and the 'too light' darker - meaning it makes a lot of photos look lots better.

- Touching Up: With powerful functions like clone, airbrush, wrinkle remover and the like you can take out problems in images and photos. You can even change the intensity of these features to make it even better.

- Basic and Fun Design: Microsoft Clip-Art be gone! You can do some basic and fun design in Picmonkey. Of course it is no substitute for hiring a Graphic Designer, but for free and in the instant it's impressive.

- Collages: You can do all types of impressive collages in Picmonkey of all sizes. We have included our own favourite of photos from our latest shoot to show off the power.

In summary Picmonkey is free with a simple premium option (removing advertising and giving some extra options) that can help anyone staff member with little to no training to produce quality graphics on a day to day basis.

For serious high end work; of course use your Agency or Graphic Designer BUT this handles a lot of daily requirements and demands placed on any Marketer.

>> Access it here to get straight here on their website

We trust that tip helps and if you have any questions, please just ask. Many thanks and best of luck with your design from Creative Folks.

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