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By Andrew Lomas on 25/02/2011 7:30:54 AM

Tablet Publishing Whitepapers

Creating Content for Multiple Displays/Aspect Ratios

The digital publishing market has recently experienced tremendous growth following Apple’s introduction of the iPad. Due to this success, more and more hardware manufacturers are introducing devices to compete. A serious challenge facing content publishers is that each of these devices feature unique display resolutions and dimensions.

Publishers are faced with the dilemma of how to create content for each of these different devices without resorting to the creation of different layouts for each resolution/aspect ratio.

WoodWing has risen to this challenge through a multi-device feature called Artboards for its Digital Magazine Tools solution. Artboards make it convenient for designers to create content targeted for multiple devices within a single InDesign layout.

Click here to download the Artboards Whitepaper.

Monitoring User Behavior with WoodWing Analytics Tools

Just as web analytics are vital for identifying the behavior of visitors to a company’s website, WoodWing understands the need for publishers to analyze behavior of readers for their digital publications.

Advertisers want to know who is purchasing content, editors want to know what content is popular, and publishers want to know which business models work best.

This is why WoodWing builds ‘hooks’ into its Digital Magazine architecture, allowing analytics modules for services like Adobe Omniture, Google Analytics, and Flurry to report on user behaviors within the digital publication. This document provides a summary of how WoodWing implements analytics in its Digital Reader Applications and what events are supported.

Click here to download the Analytics Whitepaper.

You may also want to check out the demo video on WoodWing´s YouTube Channel.

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