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By Jerome Carpen on 19/03/2013 2:27:45 PM

Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams - A better way of working together.


Adobe’s Creative Cloud for Teams (CCT) is a new program that dramatically simplifies the licensing experience. This all-new subscription-based licensing program makes it easy for your business to purchase, deploy, and manage Adobe products.

One affordable, simple-to-manage membership gives each person access to every Adobe Creative Suite® 6 app, as well as additional tools that aren’t part of CS6 – like Adobe Muse™, Adobe Acrobat® XI, Adobe Photoshop®Lightroom® 4 and Adobe Edge Tools & Services and more. And everyone gets immediate access to new applications and features upon release.

Creative Cloud for teams makes collaboration easier than ever. Each team member receives 100GB of cloud-based storage, sharing and collaboration capabilities, device syncing, and access to Adobe’s expert support organisation.

Share widely. Collaborate privately: - Now it’s easy to keep everyone on the same page. Share files or folders with one person or with a larger team. The latest industry-leading security and encryption technology is built right in.

The files you need. Where you need them: - Work on files at the office, from home, on your tablet. Just save to the Creative Cloud Files folder on your desktop, which includes 100GB per person, and start sharing between devices and team members, or with clients.

Flexible. Just like your team: - Losing a designer but gaining a video editor? No problem. Adobe makes it easy to purchase and manage your creative software, so you can quickly add, assign or transfer seats as the team changes. License management and billing are completely centralised. And best of all, there’s no need to worry about updates – Creative Cloud for teams gives you access to all the latest features as they’re released, so your team can stay in front of the curve.

Simplify management, guarantee compliance: - When you enroll, you are assigned a VIP (Value Incentive Plan) Number that gives you access to the Admin Console portal, where you can deploy Adobe products, track your subscription licenses, and easily view who is assigned to each license. Another advantage to Adobe’s VIP is that you can download and start using products right away.

If your business is involved with the publication of any sort of creative media, Creative Cloud for Teams can change and enhance how your business puts out content.

Creative Folks, an Adobe Certified Reseller has the resources, knowledge and trained staff to handle your creative needs. Whether it's organising the licensing of software products such as CCT, the installation of new software/hardware, or managing your network, you can reply on us for the correct advice and great pricing.

To learn more about Adobe’s Creative Cloud for Teams or any of our other services, you can contact Jerome Carpen (Adobe Sales Certified Professional).  You can reach him on 02 9516 2677 or jerome.carpen@folks.com.au to discuss your business needs.

Creative Cloud For Teams PDF.

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