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Michael Coorey
By Michael Coorey on 21/12/2018 2:47:06 PM

Creative Folks joins Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN)

Australian content technology and managed IT services firm Creative Folks has achieved Standard Consulting Partner status within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN).

To qualify for the APN Standard Consulting Partner tier partners must demonstrate expertise within the AWS ecosystem and undergo accreditation and certification training and testing.

Achieving this status empowers Creative Folks to help their customers design, build, deploy, and manage AWS environments and applications, and provides access to a range of resources and training that are not available to non-partner firms.

Joining the AWS Partner Network represents an acknowledgement by Creative Folks of the massive opportunity that serverless computing – the dynamic allocation of compute power on a per request basis – presents the firm’s clients in terms of cost savings, flexibility and innovation.

AWS Lambda serverless computing platform runs your code without the need for provisioning or managing servers, scaling automatically to handle request volume. Running your functions through Lambda means you only pay for the compute time you consume, while it also gives you the ability to run code for virtually any type of application or backend service with zero administration on high-availability infrastructure.

Creative Folks has already been able to demonstrate the benefits of serverless computing by redesigning a major customer’s DAM ingest automation service within the Lambda environment. Creative Folks co-founder Michael Coorey explains that the project initially came about from a conversation with the customer on making some basic improvements to the custom integrations Creative Folks had designed four years ago.

“In line with our company motto, ‘We make the complex simple’, we realised that rather than simply making changes to the original design, Lambda opened up the possibility to recreate the Digital Asset Management integrations using serverless principles,” Mr Coorey says.

“We removed the existing integration platform out of the picture and utilised our existing serverless modules, which are part of our company's framework. The result is an extremely low-cost, highly available, scalable integration.”

Mr Coorey says serverless integrations like this are known as “integration as a service” (IaaS), because the client doesn’t need to know or understand how it works – Creative Folks simply analyses the problem then delivers and supports the solution.

“Using AWS serverless functionality – Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Step Functions and Amazon DynamoDB –  allows us to provide IaaS for a fraction of the setup costs, a fraction of the running costs, and no software licensing.”

About Creative Folks

Creative Folks is an independent IT consultancy focused on solution design, project delivery and managed services. We provide toolkits for marketers, retailers, educators and media companies to create, manage, distribute and analyse content. We specialise in the core disciplines of digital asset management, content creation and brand management.
As an AWS Consulting Partner Creative Folks is skilled at building integrations using serverless technologies, delivering low-cost, highly available architectures that enable innovation and scalability.

Creative Folks: we make the complex simple.

Based in Sydney, our customers include Australian Wool Innovation, Seven West Media, Yaffa Media, Bauer Media Group and Ooh Media.

To find out how AWS serverless computing can help your organisation transform the way it approaches IT integration functions that reduce cost, are more flexible and deliver more results get in touch here.CFAdvanceConsultingPartner-2

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