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Andrew Lomas
By Andrew Lomas on 15/09/2015 9:06:55 PM

WoodWing Content Cloud - Content Hub for Marketers and Agencies

WoodWing Software today announced Content Cloud, an innovative one-stop solution for cloud-based managed content, uniquely offering unlimited storage as part of is services. The highly scalable solution hosts a wide range of applications for producing and managing digital and print content as well as for digital asset management and analytics. With this new offering, WoodWing addresses such essential requirements of marketing departments and agencies as efficient distributed collaboration; easier distribution and sharing of content; and improving the return on investment in content.


The new multitenant digital asset management server instance of WoodWing Elvis DAM forms the backbone of WoodWing´s Content Cloud, an innovative one-stop solution for cloud-based managed content (click to enlarge).

In the everlasting quest for leads and the rising costs and time pressure, marketing departments and agencies are forced to produce ever more content for an increasing number of communication channels. At the same time they need to increase content utilization across the board in order to increase ROI. This leads to significant changes in how content is created and handled, distributed and shared, further magnifying the importance of efficiency in all steps of the process.

With the WoodWing Content Cloud, marketers and creative agencies now can utilize a one-stop solution for content creation, production, archiving, sharing and analytics. The platform enables users to ensure brand consistency, to easily grant access or share content globally in order to increase utilization of the latest and approved content. As a cloud-based single source of managed content and digital assets, the solution can be scaled to meet the growing needs of any kind or size of business.

Content Cloud enables easy collaboration with external contributors and subsidiaries worldwide. The multitenancy environment allows multibrand companies and agencies to host content from diverse brands or clients in a single instance.

Wide range of hosted applications, with Elvis DAM as backbone

The Content Cloud hosts a wide range of applications. The new Elvis DAM multitenant digital asset management server instance forms the backbone of the platform, enabling users to easily upload, manage and share their digital assets as well as to reuse them across applications inside and outside the Content Hub One.

WoodWing Elvis DAM provides efficient management of unlimited file stocks. It allows digital assets to be integrated with the Adobe Creative Cloud applications as well as with workflow publishing solutions such as WoodWing Enterprise. Users can also bring their digital assets to business applications for CRM, PIM, WCM, and more, significantly increasing the ROI of their content. Elvis DAM will continue to be available also for on-premise installation.

With WoodWing Inception, customers can create structured, media-neutral HTML5 content for immersive story telling via channels like the new Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS) and later Apple News, Facebook Instant Articles and more.

In addition, Inception can fully interact with WoodWing’s multichannel publishing system Enterprise – the on-premise application, used by many brands and agencies worldwide, integrates the creation and production of content for print, Web, tablet, mobile and social media within a single efficient workflow.

WoodWing´s Content Cloud also comprises Enterprise Analytics, enabling organizations to have an unparalleled view into the effectiveness of their processes in Enterprise, so that they can immediately observe the progress of their content creation at any time and from any location.

More applications will follow soon

More applications including a brand portal and an authoring tool will follow soon. “Since the founding of WoodWing, we have always strived to realize the full potential of content for any kind of business through state-of-the art solutions and streamlined content creation, management, delivery, consumption and monetization,” says Roel-Jan Mouw, CEO of WoodWing Software. “With the wide array of applications in the Content Cloud, we again help brands and agencies re-imagine their content processes and meet current and future creativity and efficiency requirements.

Regional Cloud instances ensure compliance and privacy

The WoodWing Content Cloud is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), ensuring high availability and optimum performance. To serve its global customers, WoodWing operates Cloud instances in Europe, North America, Australia and Singapore, with more to follow. “This allows our customers to store their content in accordance with the regional data protection and privacy regulations,” explains Dennis van Nooij, Senior Vice President Product Development at WoodWing.

Minimal IT support and maintenance

With WoodWing Content Cloud, users can take advantage of the benefits of a cloud-based solution. The applications are easy to install, with no additional hardware required, resulting in significant savings and minimal IT support and maintenance. Ongoing updates and new releases ensure that the state-of-the-art environment meets industry requirements at all times.


Choosing between an on-premise installation and a cloud-based solution also has important economic aspects,” Mouw explains. “A large on-premise installation is a major investment that is depreciated over the life of the solution and appears in the balance (CAPEX). By contrast, a subscription to a cloud-based solution is an operating expense (OPEX) that shows up on the profit-and-loss account as ongoing expenses.”

Experienced Solution Partners available for support in deployment and integration

WoodWing maintains a worldwide network of experienced Solutions Partners. They are available to help customers in the deployment of the cloud integration with other business applications. If necessary they also leverage their experience from thousands of projects to assist the coordination between marketing and IT departments. “The mere technical implementation of cloud-based solutions is of course simple and quickly done. But thanks to our partner network, we can provide our customers the help they may request to immediately exploit the full potential of their new environment,” van Nooij adds.

Creative Folks are now able to provide pricing and deployment in the Australian Cloud instance based here in Sydney. Contact us to find out how inexpensive and quick it is to deploy content management for your marketing team.

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