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Andrew Lomas
By Andrew Lomas on 04/10/2011 10:46:30 AM

Adobe and WoodWing announce Alliance for Tablet Publishing

WoodWing Software today announced an agreement with Adobe Systems Incorporated to integrate Adobe Digital Publishing Suite into the WoodWing Enterprise Publishing System and solely resell the Enterprise and Professional Editions of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite as a Value Added Reseller.

In their continuous endeavor to create the best possible Tablet Publishing Solution, Adobe and WoodWing have agreed that WoodWing’s cross-media publishing system Enterprise and the content management application Content Station will include direct access to Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. The numerous workflow and efficiency advantages that Enterprise offers, in combination with Digital Publishing Suite tablet publishing support, will enable publishers to quickly create and deliver content to leading Tablet devices.

Focus on efficient cross-media publishing

WoodWing has been at the forefront of Tablet Publishing since early 2010,” Erik Schut, President of WoodWing Software explains. “As there were no other solutions available on the market at that time, WoodWing decided to develop an end-to-end solution to help publishers quickly take advantage of this new opportunity. Today, Adobe has an extensive solution to publish content onto Tablets. This is the right time for WoodWing to fully focus on its core activities, which is to streamline and optimize the editorial workflow. For the publishing, distribution and optimization of tablet content, we are going to rely on Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

We are looking forward to extending our WoodWing partnership beyond their current support for Adobe InDesign by making Adobe Digital Publishing Suite the industry standard for highly designed, interactive tablet publishing on the WoodWing platform,” said Todd Teresi, vice president and general manager of Media Solutions at Adobe. “As thought leaders in the digital publishing renaissance, WoodWing and Adobe will work closely together and with their publishing partners to drive the next wave of innovation in tablet publishing.

WoodWing’s Digital Magazine creation tools provide an extensive set of plug-ins for Adobe InDesign software to create interactive tablet publications, which will continue to be used with the Enterprise publishing system. Within the publisher’s workflow environment, these plug-ins provide a highly efficient way to create media-rich and interactive tablet publications, even on a daily basis. For example, creating slideshows can be done using only simple drag-and-drop actions. The tools also enable designers to easily create nested interactivity, such as hotspots on hotspots, and there is dedicated support for different aspects ratios of tablet screens through WoodWing’s multi-screen functionality.

In Content Station, publishers can manage their publications and publish them to any channel. WoodWing will support the Digital Publishing Suite .folio file giving users the ability to create .folio files within Content Station and automatically upload them to Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. WoodWing will retire the .ofip format.

Attractive migration

WoodWing will immediately begin selling Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. A very attractive migration path will be offered to existing WoodWing customers, to make a transition from WoodWing’s current Content Delivery Service and Reader application to Adobe Digital Publishing Suite as smooth as possible. The transition period will end in November 2012 at which point all current customers will have to use Adobe Digital Publishing Suite for delivery of content to tablets, and support for WoodWing readers and Content Delivery Service will cease. An immediate benefit for customer migrating to Adobe Digital Publishing Suite is the ability to create branded applications directly within Digital Publishing Suite and access to integrated analytics, powered by Adobe Online Marketing Suite (Omniture).

We are convinced that our customers will benefit from this new cooperation,” Erik Schut continues. “This partnership with Adobe is an extension of the outstanding relationship we’ve had with the Adobe InDesign team over the years. This cooperation enables WoodWing to continue to provide publishers with the best solution to efficiently publish to any channel, including tablets.


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