Creative Folks announces partnership with leading digital asset management platform Brandfolder to offer brands greater control and consistency online

November 16, 2018 by Andrew Lomas

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Australian content technology firm Creative Folks is excited to announce its partnership with US-based DAM platform Brandfolder.

Brandfolder is a pure-play, data-driven, enterprise digital asset management platform that enables businesses to organise, discover, manipulate, distribute and measure the use of brand assets – everything from media, icons, colours, press releases and marketing templates – from a single, fully integrated source of truth.

Creative Folks believes Brandfolder fills a gap in the DAM software market which has, until now, been primarily focused on internal business needs – storage, organising, collaboration – and less on what happens once those assets are shared beyond the DAM environment.

Creative Folks co-founder Andrew Lomas says the difficulty of managing and controlling a consistent brand experience in the digital world is a concern that CMOs and brand managers express regularly.

“Knowing that your latest logo or product image is being used correctly – even the right colour or font – is crucial to brand consistency,” Mr. Lomas said. “When you consider how many assets you have that are being hoarded by salespeople, suppliers and other marketers – not to mention people helping themselves to content from your website – the idea of bringing that under control is quite daunting.”

Unlike some other DAM products, Brandfolder is focused on the control and management of a company’s brand identity “in the wild.” With a clean, intuitive UI and powerful AI under the hood, Brandfolder provides an interface between your creative asset ingestion and content distribution, collecting data at all ingress and egress points.

“Australia is the home of many global brands. Naturally, we see a rapidly growing demand for Brandfolder’s offering in this part of the world,” said Luke Beatty, Brandfolder CEO and Chairman. “As the fastest growing DAM provider worldwide, Brandfolder is primed to help these organisations take control of their brands through our partnership with Creative Folks. Together, we have spent a great deal of time and effort in crafting this relationship and we look forward to seeing it develop.”

Key Brandfolder benefits:

  • Proactive and reactive dynamic digital rights management with the ability to locate outdated or expired assets online.

  • Auto-organisation and taxonomy suggestion functionalities leverage AI to help build asset structures and apply tags automatically.

  • The CDN and web-scraper track asset usage across the web providing rich cross-channel insights.

  • Designed for scalability with batch functionality and options for programmatic ingestion and distribution.

  • Powerful inbuilt video tools, including conversion, resizing, clipping and watermarking functionality, allow you to manage, distribute and download with ease.

  • Templating tools ensure the integrity of your creative assets and streamline local-area marketing.


About Brandfolder

Brandfolder is the world’s most powerfully simple digital asset management (DAM) platform. Easily store, share, and showcase what’s important to your brand with our cloud-based, SaaS solution. With Brandfolder, brands are empowered to become more organized, consistent, and efficient. We help strong brands like Sonos, Under Armour, Shazam and TripAdvisor tell their best brand stories.


About Creative Folks

Creative Folks is an independent content technology business focused on solution consulting, project delivery and managed services. We provide toolkits for marketers, retail, education and media companies to create, manage, distribute and analyse content. We specialise in the core disciplines of digital asset management, content creation and brand management. Based in Sydney, our clients include Yaffa Media, Bauer Media Group, RMIT and Adshel.


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