How regional content makers can apply for the $12.4 million Regional Grant Opportunity by demonstrating business sustainability

Posted by Andrew Lomas on 15/05/2019 8:03:26 AM
Andrew Lomas


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How do you develop a submission for the latest round of funding under the Regional and Small Publishers Innovation Fund? Here's our take on the eligibility criteria.

The Regional Grant Opportunity (RGO) will make available to publishers the $12.4 million balance of the $16 million first-round funding under the Regional and Small Publishers Innovation Fund.

The RGO offers grants of up to $400,000 per applicant, and with submissions due by June 14 it's time to start getting prepared.

The RGO is very clearly targeted at regional publishers and content providers who can demonstrate not only innovate ideas but a sustainable business model.

Note that if your postcode is not on this list then you cannot apply.

Applicants must present solid business cases that demonstrate ideas for modernising their publishing activities – news gathering, production, distribution – so they can flourish in a competitive market and continue to provide news and public-interest journalism to the people of regional Australia.

If you're a regional content producer this is an excellent opportunity to re-engineer your operations, upgrade your technologies and find new audiences. Creative Folks, in conjunction with our technology partner WoodWing Software, have been helping Australian publishers and content providers do exactly that for over a decade.

Our multi-channel content creation and publishing solutions deliver on the fund's criteria by: a) enabling content to be published with modern efficiency; b) increasing readership and distribution via additional digital channels; and c) expanding revenue opportunities with subscription management, advertising and paywalls.

Our news portal bundles provide an ideal technology platform to support your submission and our experience can help you with planning, execution, training and ongoing support.

If you are a regional publisher and want to know more, please get in touch here. Let Creative Folks guide you through the process and help you secure the funding that will allow you to build a better and more sustainable publishing business.


Regional Grant Opportunity

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