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Andrew Lomas
By Andrew Lomas on May 31, 2024 09:10 AM

Optimising content workflows: A guide for monday.com users

Marketers and content creators working in industries such as retail, manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, or marketing and creative agencies struggle with disconnected processes that only increase their workloads. Hubspot’s 2024 State of Marketing report found that only 59% of marketers reported that their tools are interconnected. 

While much of this disconnect occurs at all stages of the content lifecycle, getting it right at the beginning – during the planning and briefing process – is a good place to start. This means connecting workflow management tools like monday.com to content creation platforms.

Integrate key platforms and data with monday.com

The martech landscape now contains 11,038 solutions — an 11% increase from last year. It is important to connect any platforms you use to avoid them overrunning your team’s resources. 

Integrations create a cohesive workflow where content and data flow between platforms to ensure that each piece of information is exactly where needed, reducing delays and errors. Pre-built integrations for monday.com connect it with tools such as:

Integrating platforms is not just about linking systems but also connecting the data generated by each platform. A holistic approach allows for better data visibility and usage, making workflows more efficient and effective. Unified data informs decision-making and streamlines processes to enhance productivity and reduce the likelihood of miscommunication and data silos.

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Source: Chief Martech.

Plan content in one dashboard

Campaigns become much harder to plan and monitor when tasks and content exist in multiple places. monday.com lets marketers plan tasks and campaigns within a single dashboard. Centralised planning ensures that all content is organised and accessible, making it easier for teams to collaborate and stay on the same page. It also allows for better progress tracking and more effective resource management.

Once content teams populate the relevant folders in the DAM platform, those assets become visible on monday.com, with alerts set up for the relevant people to check. Syncing ensures content management remains up-to-date and reflects the latest changes, which is far more convenient (and accurate) than juggling email attachments with different versions. Having all your information in one place reduces errors and ensures everyone works with the most current content.

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Connect task management and content production

Content and task management have long been at odds. Your content has to be stored elsewhere — in a DAM platform, for example — and the task management application becomes a to-do list rather than a true enabler of productivity. Tasks are often created separately from the platforms used to complete work, and the person writing the brief must manually create folders and links for the content creator to use. Manual work like this creates delays as teams struggle to keep up with administrative processes and the demands of marketing work.

Integrations between monday.com and content creation platforms resolve disconnects between task management and content production. Creating a new task triggers an event that creates content repositories inside your DAM platform (such as WoodWing), eliminating the need for manual setup. Automatically creating hierarchical storage ensures that all content is organised and easily retrievable, so teams can access and use the necessary assets without any delays or confusion. By centralising the briefing process, you can ensure that all team members have the information they need to complete their tasks. Automation saves time because teams can produce high-quality content rather than becoming bogged down in administrative tasks.

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Shorten approval processes

Approval processes often become convoluted. Content teams circulate images and documents via email. The approver might have to access multiple links to see all the relevant content. Final approvals have to be manually confirmed. 

Integrating content management platforms with monday.com shortens approval processes and reduces the possibility of version mix-ups. You can review new content within the application rather than switching to the DAM. Such centralisation simplifies the review process and keeps everything in one place, reducing the time spent moving between different platforms.

Marketing managers planning tasks no longer need to search for content across different sites because they have direct links to everything within monday.com. They can approve content inside the DAM platform, with triggers creating the necessary approvals, further streamlining the workflow and ensuring a smooth and efficient approval process.

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Optimising content workflows in monday.com transforms how marketing and content professionals plan, complete, and approve content. By integrating key platforms, connecting task management with content production and shortening approval processes, teams can focus on what they do best: creating compelling content. 

Integrations between monday.com and your content management platforms can also lead to a more motivated and productive team by removing time-consuming and tedious tasks that do not bring value to the organisation.

Creative Folks can connect your content workflows in monday.com

We can help your organisation streamline content workflows by integrating content management applications with monday.com. We connect systems to share data and automate functions for effective collaboration on content and enhanced operational functionality.

Our pre-built integrations connect workflow collaboration tools, such as monday.com and Wrike, with the leader in content production systems, WoodWing. Our solutions help your team move from idea to publication, reducing frustrations and optimising content creation. Please visit our SiPHON Connect page for more information on what you can achieve with our pre-built integrations.

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