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Andrew Lomas
By Andrew Lomas on Sep 09, 2016 12:49 AM

Building tutorials in minutes with 'iorad'


 Building tutorials Process steps created in minutes using iorad


As Content Technologists; the team at Creative Folks are personally known to stay up late at night playing with the latest software, gadgets, reading articles and even lying in bed surfing Twitter looking for the latest edge and to deliver continuous improvement to the organisation. Following the lead and quoting Microsoft from some years back; we believe in 'eating our own dog food' in using programs ourselves before even daring to recommend them to a client.

One of the new technology gems we are testing now is 'iorad' which calls itself a 'tutorial builder'. We found we had a gap in being able to build out quickly, easy to follow and interactive tutorials for the range of software applications that we train and support in our client base. We have tested iorad (yes horrible name I know) on a few of our programs and it's really impressive. It integrates with different platforms and also has a Google Chrome plugin, which makes it very handy.

Once you activate it and let's say you are using WordPress or Atlassian; it automatically takes screenshots and tracks what you do. At the end of your process, it automatically breaks down what you are doing into 'process steps' so you can create a Wiki, training tutorial or simply document a process to retain knowledge and speed up development.

It's currently getting lots of serious mainstream attention and to demonstrate it's power, we have included a graphic below documenting some of the steps used in
creation of this article.

Our advice and thinking? You can get free access to it with lots of great features to try it out and test its suitability for your organisation. If you do like it and end up using it; it can save hours of documenting time and also help you retain valuable knowledge for your enterprise.

>> You can access the iorad site here.

Many thanks for the read, we trust you get some milage out of this cloud software and please contact us if we can help at all.

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