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Andrew Lomas
By Andrew Lomas on Jan 16, 2018 02:24 AM

Create value in your archive without high cost using AI


Your archive of content has a lot of value. Quite often though you don’t know exactly what’s in it or where the files are located and extracting it to re-purpose is often a manual process. So how can you create value in your archive quickly and make it available for your marketing and content teams to use in the next campaign or issue.

Recent developments in Digital Asset Management technology is changing this situation through integrations with AI services by tagging assets automatically.

Barriers to Digital Asset Management adoption.

As Content Technologists, we have seen a lot of the barriers to ingesting and exposing the back catalogs of content to producers and writers is the effort required to add the metadata during the migration.

  • Who is going to do the tagging?
  • It will take months to complete?
  • How do I get the time to add metadata?

Often the task seems too big to get started, so whilst the awareness is there that this archive has a lot of value, the resourcing is lacking and so the willingness fades.

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Using a Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform that can utilise a range of AI platforms gives you flexibility.

A number of DAM platforms have announced AI as a tool to tag content, the challenge is that each of the services do it in a different way. There is also different models of interpretation depending on configuration. One might tag an image with ‘car’, ‘outdoor’ and another might tag it ‘touring’ and 'countryside'.

The best way to overcome this is to ensure your DAM platforms can work with more than one AI service. Then do some testing of your assets to see the results. This way you can identify which assets are best processed by each of the AI services available. Elvis DAM now supports ClarifaiAmazon Rekognition and Google Vision for image recognition. This means that as an Elvis user, you can choose the service that works best with your content.

On top of that, AI services can be expensive as they charge on a consumption and period model. For example ClarifaiAmazon Rekognition give you 5,000 calls on their service for free each month whereas Google Vision provide only 1,000. On top of that you get charged. Fair enough, they have to make a profit, but when you want to get a back archive of work tagged you have to factor in the bulk cost (or do it over several months which defeats the purpose).

Get started at creating value in YOUR archive NOW

To help with the migration and get your archived content ready to make you money, WoodWing Software have teamed up with Clarifai for a special offer where you can ingest your archive and use up to 100,000 calls on thier service each month for a 3 month period for FREE.

Just sign up for an Elvis DAM + AI Starter Pack at a 25% Discount  to register and get 100,000 assets per month tagged for free for 3 months.

Cheaper than paying a team of backpackers to do the work!

Request a demo and see how AI can help you resurface your archive here.

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