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Andrew Lomas
By Andrew Lomas on Apr 27, 2021 03:30 PM

The Benefits of Sitecore’s Content Marketing Platform in your Omnichannel Content Stack

Are you searching for the right solution to manage your content marketing strategy? I recommend you consider Sitecore’s Content Marketing Platform (CMP). 

Sitecore CMP takes the features of traditional content marketing platforms to the next level through Omnichannel delivery and content performance dashboards. The release of Sitecore Content Hub 4.0 saw new integrations added, including Sitecore’s Content as a Service (CaaS) offering.


How Sitecore Content Marketing Platform Differs from traditional solutions

Sitecore’s Content Marketing Platform is one of the key elements of content delivery in Sitecore Content Hub 4.0. Content marketing as an industry has come to the point where content performance has to be optimised to deliver the personalisation customers now demand. This content optimisation comes in the form of quality, speed, and scalable content delivery. Sitecore Content Hub 4.0 includes a Content Marketing Platform with exceptional improvements on these requirements, including:

  1. Content as a Service (CaaS), which enables marketing teams to strategically plan and streamline omnichannel content distribution to the target audience
  2. Scheduling and prioritising content production to fill up identified gaps across channels
  3. A visual definition of the target audience and strategically customised content based on that definition.
  4. Plotting content with a publication plan which you can track from the campaign calendar.
  5. Content personalisation across multiple channels at a large scale, adaptable to all forms of devices
  6. Content delivery to the right audience by improving the content tags, taxonomy and metadata
  7. A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard, which measures the performance of all content in the campaign calendar. This KPI rates the performance of content across your channels. It also helps to single out the most effective content and adjust similar content to the same performance track

What to consider when investing in Sitecore’s Content Marketing Platform

Like everything, there are pros and cons to making your content management decisions. Here are some factors to consider before you invest in Sitecore’s Content Marketing Platform:

Pros: Sitecore’s Content Marketing Platform comes with accessory features that enhance the basic functions of traditional content marketing platforms.

Cons - The extensive marketplace features drive a higher price point. While these features enhance Sitecore CMP’s usability, it may not be suitable for organisations whose marketing operations are at the scale where such features are necessary.

However, the added costs deliver the functionality and features to enable organisations to obtain an ROI from their Sitecore Content Hub investment. Get your hands on our guide on the topic here.

Built for high performance with ease of content delivery

Sitecore’s Content Marketing Platform is a great consideration in terms of content delivery scale. It curates, plans and publishes many marketing campaigns beyond what is obtainable with traditional solutions. It also has the ability to sustain omnichannel content delivery with ease. Sitecore implements this delivery of content across websites, blogs and social networks simultaneously. This degree of adaptability makes the platform easy to customise.

Sitecore Content Hub 4.0 and additional features

Over the years, Sitecore Content Hub has consistently improved its CMP’s features. The update to Sitecore Content Hub 4.0 comes with additional features, making its implementation a little complex. However, Sitecore Content Hub is easy to customise to accommodate specific needs. Some of these features include:

  • Integration with DAM, PCM, MRM, W2P and CMP
  • Headless content delivery or Content as a Service (CaaS)
  • Scalable Delivery Platform and graphQL APIs
  • Personalised content delivery
  • Optimised storage that archives infrequently used assets

Suitable for multiple channels

Sitecore’s Content Marketing Platform considers the difficulties of managing the creation, delivery and analysing the performance across several channels. So far, Sitecore Content Hub performs efficiently in this regard. It also embodies the potential of adaptability, which makes it more malleable to further preferences.

Thus, it makes sense that Sitecore’s Content Marketing Platform costs more to acquire than the traditional content marketing software. A thorough examination of your scale of business operation will tell you if you need Sitecore CMP or not. However, when you apply the system to manage your content, the new features listed above will expose you to possibilities not available in other CMPs. 


Sitecore Content Marketing Platform Integrations

MRM-CMP Integration

MRM-CMP integration started with the release of version 3.4.0 of Sitecore Content Hub. This feature assists in the direct management of CMP content from projects. You enable it on MRM, and it automatically reflects defined changes in the CMP pages. For example, once you enable this feature, you can create CMP content.

Module Integration

Sitecore Content Hub enhances its adaptability to fostering marketing solutions through its CMP module integration with DAM. With that, it can attach content to assets from the DAM. The module integration feature further enhances the content creation process by ensuring that creators access assets approved by the content managers.

Sitecore Connect™ for Sitecore CMP

This integration makes Sitecore Content Hub content available to web editors, content, and digital marketers. Sitecore CMP connector allows the synching of Sitecore Experience Platform to Sitecore Content Hub assets.

Content usage and impact

Sitecore introduced this feature in Version 3.3.0 of Sitecore Content Hub. With it, users can track their published entities’ use and impact. The two components of this feature are Content Usage and Content Impact.

With Content Usage, the users can easily trace other systems that leverage their asset. Whereas with the Content Impact, the user can measure the impact metrics of the assets published and measure the impacts of different assets within the Content Hub against one another.

Sitecore Content Marketing Platform and Content as a Service (CaaS)

For more visibility, CMP users need software adaptable to efficient omnichannel content delivery across multiple devices. CaaS guarantees the multiplicity of content delivery by eliminating in-built frontends through a Delivery Platform and APIs. With this, developers ensure that they can retrieve content from the Content Hub into multiple frontends, irrespective of the vendor meaning you don’t need to have other Sitecore products to benefit from this technology

CaaS presents a solution to business challenges in a world heading towards a digital revolution. We recommend that you adopt Sitecore Content Hub 4.0, which has integrated CaaS into its system. CaaS reduces the stress of content creation by ensuring that you only have to create once to publish everywhere.

Why should your business adopt the CaaS solution?

For those looking to increase the effectiveness of their content management strategies, here are some of the reasons why the CaaS solution is ideal for you:

  • CaaS allows for simultaneous omnichannel content publication
  • Content adapts to the kind of device from which it is viewed
  • All that is required is one repository through which content is updated across other channels
  • CaaS allows for a large scale of content personalisation


Creative Folks can implement the Sitecore Content Marketing Platform for your business

Are you convinced of Sitecore’s Content Marketing Platform after reading the blog above? Creative Folks are certified Content Hub Specialists in Australia, and we can help you ensure CMP is the right fit for your business.

Visit our Sitecore Content Marketing Platform page to learn more.

Creative Folks and Sitecore will host a Content Transformation Roundtable Series in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. You can learn more about the events here.

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